Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sexy Thai Lady


Bangkok International Motor Show, March 27 - April 7th

One for your diary. 34th Bangkok International Motor Show, March 27th - April 7th, from Noon to 10.00pm at Impact, Muang Thong Thani.


Dark side of the Moon - party island Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is a violent and dirty place where criminal gangs are out to get you. And, if the stories are to be believed, the police are too.

Some tourists claim drug dealers are in cahoots with bent cops, selling punters something either fake or a nasty cocktail of pills and powders, only for a watching policeman to swoop. Then they demand a bribe of 5,000 Thai Baht — around £100 — to let you go free.

Read the full article at The Sun

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spartacus: War Of The Damned

A new series of Spartacus started on TV this weekend and they achieved the impossible, they upped the body and blood count. The nipple count was down but you can't have everything. This will be the final series so expect things to get bloodier.

spartacus war of the damned

The Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2013, CentralWorld, Jan 30 to Feb 3.


Model and actress Supaksorn "Kratae" Chaimongkon cleans a motorbike during a press conference for the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2013. The festival will be held at CentralWorld shopping centre from Jan 30 to Feb 3. Photo by Thiti Wannamontha.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beautiful Thai Pool Player


Early evening at Showgirls, Pattaya

Called in Showgirls early last night, around 7.30pm, to see the Greatest Bar Boss in the World, (who said that), and was mightily impressed with the talent on display. Day shift was getting ready to ship out and the night shift was drifting in in civvies. Got to say some of them looked cracking with their clothes on. I know, I'm getting old. Highly recommend a sunset beer, both shifts in the bar and still Happy Hour. 

The place was buzzing and had been all day by all accounts. Got sat with Andy and the ever entertaining author, Tony Crossley. Tony was on top form and had us laughing at his take on the farang in Thailand. He has a new book coming out any day but I've forgotten the title. Oh s%$t. No, that's not the title. Tony, please remind me about the book and it's release date. It was a long night and my memories not what it was. Think I lent Andy Bt1,000 though.... remember that......

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Full Moon Party mood returns in Thailand

More than 30,000 foreign tourists have flocked to Koh Phangan to celebrate the first Full Moon Party of the year on Saturday night amid tighter security following a fatal shooting last month.

Full Moon Party mood returns | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

Beautiful Thai lady


Friday, 25 January 2013

Beautiful Thai Lady


English Football shorts

Bradford City have announced their cup final ticket prices-they will start at 60 rupees each and tickets are limited to 40 per household.

Joey Barton must be one annoying pr$#k. He's only been there for 6 months and the whole of France is emigrating to Newcastle.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Burapa Bike Week rolls in to Silverlake Vineyard Feb. 15-16

10,000 bikers are expected for events that include a parade of cars, an extreme-sports competition, KR Stunt Thai Championship, a Miss Chopper pageant, booths selling motorcycle and car accessories, and a paramotorcycle exhibition.

Read the full article at Pattaya Mail.

Asian Beauty

New Oasis Hotel to open in Pattaya

Opening this 28 January 2013, Oasis, the new guest house/hotel located at the heart of Pattaya's nightlife, inside Soi Happy.

Leo's Blues Bar party - 26th January

Saturday 26th January Double the Fun Twice the Party!!! Happy Birthday to Phillip & Gypsy Lou!!! *Pig Roast *Potato Salad *Pooky's Magic Band *Jam Session 9:30PM - 3:00Am Hope too See You There


Monday, 21 January 2013

For The Love of House at Teazers, Pattaya

"For the Love of House" @ Teazers Coyote Bar - FRI 1ST FEB

For The Love of House at Teazers, Pattaya on Feb 1st.

Following a debut appearance at the famous TEAZERS COYOTE BAR on Thailand's Walking Street late 2012, the Ferris B Sessions will be returning to play on Friday 1st February to kick start 2013's live performances.

Full of beer, shots, cocktails, coyotes and of course great music, the night is set to go until late.....

5th Pattaya International Bed Race

Sunday, 27th January at 4.00pm.


Sexy Muay Thai Boxer


Monday, 14 January 2013

Django Unchained - Yawn...

Sat through 2hr 45mins of Django Unchained and found the ride reasonably enjoyable but instantly forgettable. No classic here and I love Westerns. A number of scenes just go on and on and I suspect it's to fit in all Tarantino's quirky dialogue. In fact it's more verbiage than dialogue at times. Then other scenes are just added for humour and add little to the movie - the KKK bag scene springs to mind here. More importantly for me, Jamie Foxx never really nails the slave come bounty hunter lead role. Too much pretty boy and not enough hard man.

If you want to see a great Western, check out Open Range with Kevin Costner and Robert Duval.  It's got the lot and includes one of the best, most realistic, gun fight scenes ever put on film. I've watched it about seven times and will watch it again. I doubt Django will get a second viewing.