Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nine Inch Nails topping Silver Lake Music Festival 2014

The Nine Inch Nails will be topping the bill at next year's Silverlake Music Festival starting 1st March 2014.

Othe acts include The Hives, Foals, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Rebelution, Blackhead, ETC., Singto Numchok, 25Hours, Scrubb, Slot Machine, Musketeers, Better Weather, YAMIN, ZuZu Angel.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sexy Asian Lady #163

Friday, 22 November 2013

Thailand - Scams and accidents scare away tourists

Thailand's attractiveness to foreign tourists is under threat from fraud and poor safety standards.

After a recent bus accident in Chon Buri that injured 26 Russian tourists, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI) recently urged Thai authorities to improve safety standards, or face a possible boycott by its members.

The RUTI also reportedly demanded the Thai government solve these issues by the end of November, otherwise it will consider taking action to maintain the safety of Russian citizens. This action could include cancellation of all scheduled charter flights from Russia throughout the period of December 2013 to March 2014.

Officials from the TAT and the ministries of Tourism and Transport will hold a meeting on November 26 to discuss the Russian complaints, according to Transport Minister Somsak Pureesrisak.

Rag - that gives the authorities just 5 days to find a solution.......

Read the full article at The Nation.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sunday, 17 November 2013

How porn is rewiring men's brains

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, the psychiatrist Norman Doidge writes about a phenomenon he began to notice among his male patients in the mid 1990s. They watched porn – “everybody does,” they told Doidge – and were experiencing “increasing difficulty in being turned on by their actual sexual partners, though they still considered them attractive.” They found themselves having to fantastise about porn scenes to get turned on.

That’s because, along with a great number of porn users, they had rewired the arousal pathways in their brains. The more often you watch porn and get the dopamine hit it delivers, the more the activity and the sensation become entwined in your brain.

A related problem is what addiction experts call “tolerance”, in other words the need for more of a given stimulant (harder and weirder porn) for the same amount of dopamine. In the end, the result is what Doidge politely calls “potency problems”. Compulsive pornography users become unable to maintain erections.

Even among more casual users, porn is wreaking havoc in the bedroom. Last year, American GQ’s sex columnist, Siobhan Rosen, complained about the “pornified sex” men seemed to expect – not in a relationship, when trust has been established, but from the very first encounter. She wrote about men she had just started seeing who brandished ball gags, ejaculated on to her body and used really nasty language during sex.

Nine months ago, Gallop launched MakeLoveNotPorn.tv – a collection of videos of real couples having sex. She was surprised (and delighted) when several porn stars sent their own home videos in. They show just how true Hartley’s words are. “Let boys know they don’t have to be hyper-masculine in order to get girls. Let girls know you don’t have to be doormats in order to be popular,” says Hartley.

Read the full article at The Telegraph.

Rag - I wonder if foreign men in Asia get a similar rewiring from all the naked ladies they see on the bar scene? Have you ever been guilty of watching TV in a go-go bar? If the answer is yes then an Asian electrician has probably been messing with your brain.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Thai Internet Service Providers

Thai Internet Service Providers - how do they match up.

For more information go to Wiki Vuze

via Finn RĂždskjegg Hallberg.

Photos from Insomnia Pattaya's recent Angels & Devils Party

An album of photos from Insomnia Pattaya's recent Angels & Devils Party.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sexy Asian Lady #161

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Never Go To Thailand?

I don't think so..... go again and again and again..........

For more info: http://nevergotothailand.com/ 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Photos from Insomnia Pattaya over the weekend

Lady in red,......

An album of photos from Insomnia Pattaya over the weekend.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sexy Asian Lady #160

The sun came out for a while on Pattaya beach today.......

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Thursday, 7 November 2013

What I learnt on a day trip to Bangkok from Pattaya

Last Saturday, I needed to get up to Rama 9 near to Fortune Town and reckoned my best options for getting there were:

1. drive

2. take a taxi

3. take a Roong Reuang bus to Ekamai or the Northern Bus Station and then use the Sky Train.

4. take a Roong Reuang bus to Suvarabhumi Airport and then take the Airport Link in to central Bangkok.

I decided Option 1 was the most expensive, most tiring and most stressful; Option 2 was more expensive than Options 3 / 4; Option 3 was fine but dropped me in the wrong part of the capital and Option 4 was untried but had the advantage of dropping me closest to where I wanted to be in Bangkok.

Being the adventurous soul that I am, I decided on Option 4.

The Roong Reuang bus to the Airport departs from the car park opposite Pan Pan on Thappraya Road, on the hour every hour, between 7.00am to 9.00pm. Tickets cost Bt134. I was surprised to see the travel time to the airport listed as 2 hours. I reckoned it would be closer to 1 hour than 2 but what did I know.

The bus departed on time, on the hour, and only had 8 passengers so there was plenty of room to spread out. The route taken was down Theppasit and up Sukhumvit to Highway 7, the quickest way out of town. Option 4 was already starting to look a winner.....

It wasn't long before I spotted the first fly in the Option 4 ointment..... the bus was traveling at something like 40mph and did so all the way to the airport. It took 2 hours.

Once at the airport you simply have to drop down to the Basement B to find the Airport Link station. You have 2 options, one is the City Link costing Bt35 and stops at all the stations on the way in to town - 4 stops to Makkasan and takes approx 25mins.  The Express links don't stop and reach Makkasan in 15mins for a cost of Bt90. When I got there, the City Link was the next train up so I paid my Bt35 and jumped on. The rolling stock is very similar to the Sky Train and seats were plentiful.

It took 25mins to Makkasan and then it was just a short walk to Petchburi Underground Station for a one stop ride to Fortune Town.


Job done, time for home.

I returned to Makkasan around 2.00pm and caught the City Link back out to the airport. I don't know if I was just lucky but a train turned up within minutes of me getting to the platform. The Roong Reung buses leave the airport for Pattaya on the hour so I knew I had plenty of time to get out there for the 3.00pm bus. Again the journey was about 25mins but seats weren't available for the first two stops. The bus counter for Pattaya is on Level 1 at Gate 8 so when you walk in to the airport from the train you need to go up one level and walk as far to the right as you can.

It's then that the second ointment fly struck home. The 3.00pm bus was already full and I had to wait for the 4.00pm bus...........

There were no empty seats on the 4.00pm bus but the driver at least flogged the horses to get us back in Pattaya in 90mins. You have the option of alighting on Sukhumvit at Pattaya Central, Pattaya South or the start of Theppasit. After that it's the car park at Thappraya.

So what did I learn?

The Airport Link between Suvarnabhumi and central Bangkok is efficient, cheap and even enjoyable with it's spectacular views of Bangkok.

With that in mind the next time I make a day trip to Bangkok I will drive to Suvarnabhumi and stick my car in the short term car park and then jump the Airport Link in to Bangkok. I'll have no traffic jams to contend with, no parking problems and no wasted time. What's not to like.......

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Koh Larn ferry sinks off Pattaya

Current reports suggest 6 people have been killed and up to 200 people have been injured in what is being described as Pattaya’s worst maritime accident in living history. 

The boat which sunk is a 2-storey ferry with a licensed capacity of 150 passengers. It has now been confirmed that 209 passengers were on-board when it sunk approximately 500 meters off the coast of Nuan Beach on Larn island, approximately 7kms off the coast of Pattaya. 

Unconfirmed reports suggest a water pump was not working on the vessel which caused it to sink in under 1 minute after passengers quickly moved to the upper-deck making the boat highly unstable.

Read the full article at Pattaya One News.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween at Insomnia Pattaya

An album of photos from the Halloween party at Insomnia Pattaya.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Ladyboy water volleyball tournament a splash in Thailand

Eight sides - all made up of workers from the country's bars - descended on the Areca Lodge Hotel, Pattaya for the second annual event aimed at raising money for charity.

The winning team from Sensations Bar.

Clad in matching bikini's, the teams took to the water to battle it out in a round robin format - supported form the sidelines by their bar's patrons.

The 2013 event was eventually won by the local Sensations bar which narrowly edged out TJ's from Naklua.

The event raised a total of 1million baht - £20,000 - for four local charities.

To read the full article and view an album of photos go to the Mirror Online.