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So, this Irishman walks....

Young, British and buying sex abroad

The Thai sex trade is driven by overweight, unattractive, middle-aged divorcees, right? Wrong. A Fabulous investigation reveals it’s now 20-something Brits paying for sex. Article by Eimear O’Hagan & Andrew Drummond in Pattaya,

Nick and Gary are on a boys-only holiday with a difference. Their girlfriends think they're on a golfing trip, when in fact they have come to Thailand solely to have sex with prostitutes.

The young men, both 21 and chefs, are in the beach resort of Pattaya for the first time on a two-week break. Good-looking, with decent jobs and gorgeous girlfriends at home, they are not the sort of guys you expect to see paying for sex on the seedy streets of Thailand. But in the 24 hours since they landed, they've already handed over cash to two prostitutes.

Unashamedly, they compare it to trying to secure a one-night stand. While they might buy girls drinks all night only to get blown out in Tenerife, here they know if they fork out money, they're guaranteed sex at the end of the night.

As they head into a bar, wallets bulging with Thai bhat, girls swarm around them. It's clear the new sleazy sex tourists are more likely to be your boyfriend, your husband, your brother or even your son.

Read the full article at 

Ed. Favourite comment but I don't know why.... Quote: Ling explains that while young men are easier on the eye, many girls actually prefer the older clients. "With young men, it's non-stop boom boom," she frowns. "Old men are better. They're not as demanding." :Unquote.

On the Town

I had a wander through the streets of Pattaya on Friday night and was surprised by just how quiet the bars were/are. I'm not sure if this is a measure of anything but half the seats in Iron were vacant. The last time I ventured in the place it was standing room only.

In fact it was so quiet in Iron that a girl with a figure very similar or possibly even better than Meow's in the photo below approached me and tried to force her 'charms' on me. Now every man his his breaking point and Meow's look-a-like certainly found mine. Everything was going swimmingly until the subject of a Bt180 ladies drink was raised. That's when my Yorkshire roots cut in and my breaking point became un-broke. I mean, Baht-one-feckin'-eighty. I can buy two Starbucks coffees for that, even a ticket to a movie that will last 2 hours. Where do they get these prices? Strangely, the beautiful young temptress appeared to lose interest at this point and I was left drinking alone. The girls clearly have some sign language that let's every other girl in the bar know you're a tight twat and from there on everybody else swerves you like you've got facial herpes. Little did they know I had a Plan B.
Plan B was to cross over to Sharks to follow up on a girl I'd met the week before. This new employee of Sharks ranks in my top 3 girls in Pattaya, nay Chonburi, oh sod it, Thailand. If Playboy centre spreads are your thing then this girl will appeal to you and believe me, she needs no Photoshopping. Well, said Playboy girl was all over some blond haired, ghostly looking geaser and although I could tell she really wanted to be with me, I thought me standing around on my own like a dick for 2 hours waiting for blondie to clear off was more than enough devotion on my part. Maybe she'd heard I didn't buy a ladies drink in Iron!! Stranger things have happened in this town... Time for Plan C. Only problem is, I didn't have one.

I finished the night complementing a German friend on how well Germany had played in the World Cup... Suicidal or what.....        

TTTT - Meow

Friday, 23 July 2010

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Fair, July 29th - August 1st

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Fair from July 29th - August 1st at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

Type of Product Grand Sale Zone.

  • Food, beverages, fruits and concepts Amazing Food.
  • Clothing and Thai Silk.
  • Leather bags / shoes
  • Gems and jewelry.
  • Thai crafts, gift and premium.
  • Stationery and toys.
  • Furniture decoration and household appliances.
    Electric appliance

Type of service Grand Service Zone.

  • Airlines Hotels & Resorts.
  • Overland (Inbound & Outbound).
  • Sports and Entertainment.
  • Thai Herbal Beauty hospitals and health Spa.
  • School Supplies and skills here.
  • Auto OFF ROAD.
  • Other business services such as banking, insurance, etc..

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TTTT - Yardtip

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New York Pizza House opens in Pattaya

A pizza house made famous in New York in the late 40’s has opened in Pattaya, 200m up the Naklua Road from the Dusit (Dolphin) roundabout.

The Pattaya Daily News has posted a full article on the grand opening.

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Never looked so good on me Grandad

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bed Supperclub's Photos - BKK INVADERS "Pop Champagne" 3rd Anniversary

Looking good

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Buffalo Bar Party - August 7th

Buffalo Bar on Pattaya 3rd Road will be hosting a party for it's 13th anniversary and MaMA Eattty's birthday on August 7th.

Don't miss it.

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Ribery charged in under age sex probe

France and Bayern Munich footballer Franck Ribery was charged Tuesday with having had sex with an under-age prostitute, Zahia Dehar, as magistrates cracked down on an alleged celebrity vice ring.

Ribery's French international teammate Karim Benzema was also detained for questioning and judicial officials said he too was likely to face charges over his alleged relations with the same teenage call girl.

Read more at Bangkok Post

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Som Sangthong Facebook Photos - White Party at Insomnia

Jessica Joy's Facebook Photos - Me & Friends

Kannika's Facebook photo

Amily Thai's Facebook Photo

Rock-Ola's New Series IV Touchscreen Jukebox

rock ola series iv touchscreen music center jukebox

I just love these. If you want to buy me one for my birthday then rock-on...


TTTT - Jeab Pichitra

Time for some top thai talent - Jeab Pichitra

11 Buzzing Bangkok Pubs

Matt Crook at CNNGo has written a great article on 11 top Bangkok pubs for live rock. Check it out if you want a change from themed western pubs. Pattaya Rag



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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Despicable Me 3D

Just got in from watching Despicable Me 3D at the new Central Shopping Mall and really enjoyed it. It's yet another quality animated movie  but it got me thinking about 3D movies in general. Now I realise it's risky to knock new technology but for me 3D in it's current guise is nothing more than a gimic that adds Bt100 to the ticket price. At times, it's a distraction and one things for sure, 3D won't turn a crap movie into a good movie.

Regardless of your feelings about 3D, the major TV manufacturers have decided we are having it. 3D models are already being shipped to showrooms around Asia. If the broadcasters swicth exclusively to 3D then the manufacturers will make a killing and we will adapt to 3D whether we want to or not. 

Closet Luddite.....

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Friday, 16 July 2010

What's On - Thai Movies

Nude starlets and large-breasted drag queens fill the big screens of Thailand this week, with the release of two Thai films, Pop Star, about a pop singer, and 8E88 Fan Lanla, a prison comedy.
Actress "Tak" Bongkote Kongmalai takes it all off in Pop Star (ดวงอันตรายDuang Antarai). You can catch a glimpse of her nude (or her double) in the trailer below.

As for 8E88 Fan Lanla (8E88 แฟนลั้ลลา ), Wiroj Thongsiew (วิโรจน์ ทองชิว,Teng's Angel) directs this comedy about a guy named Kun (Jaturong "Mokjok" Ornnorm) who is thrown in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Somehow a gang of cross-dressing criminals fits into the story, even if one of them barely fits into "her" dress because her breast implants are so freakishly huge. Along with the usual comedians who act in these Thai comedies, Atthama Chiwanitxaphan also stars as Kun's suffering fiancee Busaba.

Read more at Wise Kwai Thai Film Journal

Pattaya Rag

TTTT - Time for Top Thai Talent........

TTTT celebs in the shape of Alisa and Marisa. 

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Brilliant illusion...

Eastern & Oriental Express - New Routes

The Eastern & Oriental Express have introduced four new journeys that all touch on Thailand in some way. They are:
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STD's in America

Sorry to start the day with such a depressing topic but it's better to be aware of these things. Particularly when 'casual' sex is a way of life for many in this part of the world.

In the United States, 65 million people are currently living with an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD). Every year, another 15 million people become infected with one or more STD's, half of which are life long infections. If nothing else, the following chart may make you rethink your approach to safe sex. An attitude of 'it will never happen to me' may no longer be enough!!   

Full chart available at onlineschools.

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