Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pattaya Rag Facebook Girls - Oct 12

Pattaya traffic jams to increase

The traffic last Bank Holiday weekend was as bad as I've seen it in Pattaya and that includes high seasons. Sukhumvit, 2nd Road, 3rd Road and the roads in between were almost grid locked. Thank 'B' for rat runs.

Yesterday afternoon, traffic was queuing from the exit of '7' on Sukhumvit to the Siam Country Club traffic lights. Could be a sign we are in for another busy weekend, particularly as it's the Eid holiday in the Muslim world. Many mongers will no doubt jump flights for a week or two in Thailand.

What do we have to look forward to. Well, City Hall announced some time ago that work would start in October 12 on a tunnel at the intersection of Pattaya Central and Sukhumvit to ease traffic flow on Sukhumvit. If they go ahead, it will be chaos for the 2 years it takes to complete. OMB.....

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