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The best looking girls around town often work as freelancers and appear late at night in places like Lucifers, Tony's, The Marine or Insomnia. Freelancers shouldn't be confused with go-go/bar girls who hit the same venues after 2.00am. The theory is the good looking freelancers can get a 'date' in these venues without having the aggro of hanging around a bar or go-go all night. They have a sort of elite status amongst the pay for play (p4p) bar girls because they appear to be self employed, they are normally the best lookers and they can pretend that they are not really bar girls. Young guys around town like freelancing girls cause they are generally the most attractive and the guys can pretend to themselves that they've 'pulled' a straight girl and not a p4p bar girl/hooker.

Freelancers don't have the security of a bar salary so on the surface they appear to survive on what they pick up freelancing. In reality, this is rarely the case. The majority of freelancers have day jobs which can be in hair salons, restaurants and department stores but are more likely to be in massage parlours, karaokes and bars. The bottom line is a fair chance they have already been 'exercising' before you catch up with them on the freelance circuit.

Case in point. Several years ago, I had a favourite in one of the Sabai massage parlours who was a real beauty. She had the lot, face, figure and enough spoken English to keep it interesting. She would start work at the parlour around 5.00pm and leave around 9.00pm after she'd had 2 or 3 baths. I often saw her later in the evenings on the freelance circuit where she just didn't want to know. She'd probably earned a couple of thousand baht at the massage parlour so her evenings were for her pleasure in the form of farang toy boys or karaoke Thai boys. If she picked up any money from in the evenings from a farang it was a bonus but for the right guy, she didn't even charge to create the impression that she was a 'good girl', a.k.a. good girlfriend material. She eventually found a husband this way and to this day he won't have a clue (and hopefully doesn't care) what sort of mileage she has on the clock !!!!!!

For old Pattaya hands, there are a couple of additional issues when dealing with freelancers. If something goes wrong, how do you find them? With a bar girl you can always track her down through the bar but with a freelancer, where do you go? Also you don't know if freelancers bother with medical check up's either personally or through their day time job.

The bottom line is freelancers are 100% p4p and imho you need to exercise more caution not less when dealing with them. Better safe than sorry even in the LOS.

Sierra Tangos

  • Lost my TOT ADSL internet connection at midnight, Saturday and it still hadn't come back up by 3.00am. All very frustrating but let's hope whatever maintenance was being performed improves TOT's performance going forward.

  • A concert will be held on Friday 5 October at the Bali-Hai port area in South Pattaya. The concert is designed to celebrate the 80th birthday of His Majesty the King and will be conducted by Pattaya City Hall in conjunction with TITV. The performers are a number of popular Thai bands and tickets will be just 19 baht and all proceeds will be given to the Thai Red Cross Society.

  • David Copperfield's World Of Wonder Live In Bangkok, Thursday, November 8, to Saturday, November 10 - The well known illusionist will have 2 performances on Thursday and Friday and 3 performances on Saturday at Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani, Chaeng Wattana Road, Bangkok. Tickets range from 500 to 3,500 baht. For more information and tickets, visit

  • I may have stumbled across a better text editor than Notepad++! - PSPAD has a built-in FTP connection manager which lets you browse a remote FTP, open files, edit them, and then save the changes. All of that is done from within PSPAD. Another neat feature is the more advanced syntax highlighting that it includes. For example, when you’re in an HTML file and you place your cursor in the middle of a tag, the matching open/close tag is highlighted. Here’s a list of other things that PSPAD has to offer:
    • Manage projects
    • FTP client - edit files directly from the web (stores login information, too)
    • Text difference with color-coded differences highlighted
    • Syntax highlighting according to file type

    • Auto correction
    • Intelligent internal HTML preview using IE and Mozilla
    • Integrated TiDy library for formatting and checking HTML code, conversion to CSS, XML, XHTML
    • Reformat and compress HTML code, tag character case change
    • ASCII chart with HTML entities
    • Code explorer for Pascal, C/C++, INI, HTML, XML, PHP and more in development
    • Spell checker
    • Matching bracket highlighting

      There are also some PSPad extensions available to add more features, syntax highlighting for obscure languages, and many other things. Even if you are content with Notepad++ or another text editor I think you should give this a whirl…remember, it doesn’t cost a dime! [via Cybernet]

    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sporting events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.

    • Inspired by last nights Marilyn Monroe encounter......

    Saturday, 29 September 2007

    Friday Monger

    Savored the delights of Sharks, Heaven's Above, Sisterz, Voodoo, Living Dolls 1, Soi 6 and U Too Bar this week.

    Arrived on the Walking Street earlier than expected and before the official 8.00pm kick-off for most of the bars and found Sharks, at the Superbaby end of Soi Diamond, had been open since 7.00pm. Doesn't have a massive stable of girls but what it does have gets up close and personal. Ideal starting point for a night of mongering.  

    Renovation at Heaven's Above has created much more space. If you can imagine it, the bar has been pushed back a couple of metres (through the wall) so the previous bottle neck is now space for additional tables and stools. The gimmicky bed seats have gone a

    nd been replaced by regular depth seats which again provides space for more tables and stools. Overall, the changes get a definite thumbs up. On the ladies front, a number of the 'stars' appeared to be missing but hopefully they will be back in time for Heaven's official reopening next week.

    Sisterz is still proving popular with mongers and I have to say 35 Baht for a bottle of Tiger up to 9.00pm sits okay with me too. Ricky's got his girls decked out in Borat mono-kinies, (see photo right) and I have to say he's found a way to cover up his staff and still leave nothing to the imagination. Rumour has it the mono-kinies have had to be returned to the tailor for modifications. The strip of material between the girls legs was rubbing them raw but they only complained after about 3 orgasms each........

    Voodoo is almost a mirror image of Sisterz and I can't remember too much that made an impression but maybe that's just me. Real talent seemed to be in short supply but as all mongers know, that's just a question of timing. On another visit I might find it has the best lookers in town but last night, sadly not.

    Living Dolls 1 was bouncing with plenty of girlies and through the crowd I spotted the best rack I'd seen in weeks. Some Middle Eastern type had his arms all over it but she soon got bored and wandered off to the loo. I waited and waited and waited but she never reappeared. Must have been the Som Tam! It was a rack that demands another viewing so I will definitely go back. Stalking is just one of the tools in a professional monger's back pack.

    Soi 6 left a similar impression to Voodoo -  none at all. All the bars were well staffed for a Friday night but I suspect the 'lookers' were long gone by the time I got there. Went in a bar which may have previously been the Bulldog, (but not sure) and this Marilyn Monroe ladyboy look-a-like, took a like to me and was determined to show me her todger. It brought to mind Jasper Carrot's funny story of the Nutter On The Bus - why do they always sit next to me. My mates getting a free blow in full view of the bar and I get this feckin' nutter wanting me to blow her. Where's Roy when I need him......

    After my close encounter with one of the other kind I needed a dose of the normal so I wandered round to U Too Bar opposite Alcazar on 2nd Road. The pool competition was over, won by a Thai, (but only cause the Mancunian Mugwort was out of town), and the bar was loaded with a good number of lookers, as good as anything I'd seen all night. One particular cutie took my fancy so I took the rash decision of investing in a ladies drink. I was obviously still reeling from the close encounter. The girl was friendly, talkative, warm, oh, and did I mention the big tits! and only too willing to tell me she'd just been barf'd for a full week when I propositioned her. 

    All told a feckin' brilliant night. The nearest I got to 'legs over' was with Marilyn Monroe. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



     Sierra Tangos


    • Sorenstam To Lead Tough Honda Field - A number of international stars as well as top Thai and Southeast Asian players will be competing in the US$1.3m Honda LPGA Thailand 2007 at Siam Country Club in Pattaya next month.

    Among the LPGA Tour stars who have confirmed taking part in the October 25-28 tournament are former world number one Annika Sorenstam, Kraft Nabisco Championship winner Morgan Pressel, young prodigy Paula Creamer, Japan's Ai Miyazato and Thai-American Stacy Prammanasudh. South Korea's Hee-Won Han will return to defend her title, while Angela Park, a Brazilian of Korean ancestry, will make her debut in the tournament. The event will also feature Thai star Virada Nirapathpongporn, Jennifer Rosales of the Philippines and Malaysian Lim Siew Ai, who all are playing on the LPGA Tour. Tickets starting at 200 baht are available at Thai Ticket Major outlets. [via Bangkok Post]

    • According to a flyer in today's Bangkok Post, Villa Supermarket has opened in The Avenue on 2nd Road.

    • Klaps Muhler (Fun House) Party tonight - 8.00pm, 29 Sept. Just before Soi 18, Naklua Road


    • Roxy Bar Party -9.00pm, 29 Sept, Walking Street


    • SUPER CAR THAILAND - Former Sport and Tourist Ministry announced press release for Super Car Thailand to be the longest racing track in Thailand along Bangsaen Beach on 10 – 11 November 2007. The track will be four kilometers long (approx.) with more than 150 racers taking part.


    • Comprehensive File Search in Rapidshare and Megaupload  - Rapidshare is the 12th most popular site on the web according to Alexa, and Megaupload isn't far behind at 14th place. So it's only fitting that a search engine be devoted solely to

      unearthing the files that have been stored on these two services. That service is FileCrop, which claims to have more than two million Rapidshare and Megaupload links stored in its index with more added regularly. It also searches 4Shared and Badongo.

      For example, after doing a search for "Halo 3", FileCrop returned 404 results arranged in a familiar Windows Explorer-esque table. The table helpfully shows you what type of files you're dealing with (RAR, MP3, JPG, etc.) and also tells you their size and where they're being stored. You can also do advanced searches and limit your search to specific file hosting sites as well as file sizes. [via {digital} Alchemy]


    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sporting events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.



    • Ed and Dorothy met while on a cruise, and Ed fell head over heels in love with her.

    On the last night of his vacation, the two of them went to dinner and had a serious talk about how they would continue their relationship.

    "It's only fair to warn you, I'm a total golf nut," Ed said to his lady friend. "I eat, sleep and breathe golf, so if that's a problem, you'd better say so now."

    Dorothy responded, "If we're being honest with each other, here goes...I'm a hooker."

    "I see," Ed replied, and was quiet for a moment.

    Then he added, "You know, it's probably because you're not keeping your wrists straight when you tee off."




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    Friday, 28 September 2007

    CB Richard Ellis Reports Positive Outlook For Phuket & Pattaya

    Phuket is experiencing a buzzing low season with hotel occupancy rates up 20%-30% from last year. The term 'low season' may no longer be applicable based on visitor arrivals in the past several months. Quality hotels such as Trisara and Twin Palms were fully booked during a time that is traditionally the low season," according to Mr. David Simister, Chairman, CB Richard Ellis Thailand.

    CB Richard Ellis remains confident in the sustainable growth of Thai resort property markets and is now expanding into the Samui and Pattaya markets following requests from our major clients. CB Richard Ellis celebrated the opening of the Samui office on the 14th September with plans to open the Pattaya office later in October. As Thailand's political situation improves, real estate will also continue to draw in foreign investments into the country. The new constitution was approved by a public referendum last month and this has paved way towards a general election at the end of this year. [via PRWEB]

    If you pass on the islands, where else can you look? CBRE thinks that Pattaya could be the next up and coming venue. But is Pattaya yet a place for the well-heeled? By day it looks like a post-apocalyptic Mad Max hellhole. What if Pattaya’s nightlife were to be closed down? “If that happened,” says Simister, “house prices would go up in Pattaya.

    There is a world of difference between the kind of person who buys a house in Pattaya for Bt5 million ($157, 480) and one who buys for Bt10 million to Bt15 million.” On the assumption that investment bankers and hedge fund managers invariably abhor moral turpitude, you have to conclude his Pattaya analysis is correct. [via]

    Ed. What's he talking about, if it wasn't for investment bankers and hedge fund managers in Hong Kong, Wanchai would go out of business.

    Sierra Tangos

    • Your next one might be your last one - A Chinese factory allegedly supplied to British chemists "fake" Viagra that is three times the maximum strength of the g

      enuine product, media reported today. The dangerously powerful Viagra is life-threatening to men with heart conditions.

    Samples of the factory's Viagra, a drug for sexual dysfunction, were tested by Pfiz

    er, its official manufacturer, and found to contain talcum powder as well as "overdose" level of Sildenafil, the drug`s active ingredient. "Just one of those tablets would give you

    an overdose," a Pfizer spokeswoman was quoted in the Sunday Times today. "The effects in men with existing diseases, such as cardiovascular conditions, may be unpredictable and potentially serious." Other patients would be at greater risk of side effects such as headaches and dizziness.

    Among fake drugs sold to patients with the national health service prescriptions are Casodex, Plavix, a blood thinner, and Zyprexa, a schizophrenia treatment. [via]

    • Heaven's Above Reopens - Tonight 28 Sept. Check out the new layout.

    • U Too Bar Pool Competition - Tonight, 28 Sept

    • The Thai Government has approved the transfer of convicted heroin smuggler Holly Deane-Johns to Australia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says the transfer will take place once formal processes have been finalised. The department says it is working to ensure the transfer can occur as soon as possible.

      Deane-Johns was sentenced to 31 years in a Thai prison after she was convicted of trying to post 10 grams of heroin from Thailand to Australia in 2000.

    • Free Equivalents Of Expensive Desktop Applications [via]:

    (1) Office Software

    OpenOffice Logo

    Open Office replaced Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office’s replacement was the easy one to find since there is a lot of commotion these days regarding the alternatives. Open Office was a no contest option and with the recent update, I love it.

    (2) Graphics and Image Manipulation

    Gimp logoGIMP replaced Jasc Paint Shop Pro - Paint Shop Pro was the cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop. GIMP has more than fulfilled my needs and there are hundred of free tutorials available. Also make sure to check out GimpShop, a version of Gimp with a Photoshop-like look and functionalities.

    (3) PDF

    PDF logo PrimoPDF and PDFedit replaced Adobe Acrobat Pro - The only key functions I ever used Adobe Acrobat Pro for was to save (aka print) files to PDF and to edit, type on or add graphics to the PDFs. With PrimoPDF I can print to PDF and the rest is accomplished with PDFedit.

    (4) FTP

    FileZilla logo Filezilla replaced CuteFTP - I only assumed that the free versions of an FTP client were a bit sketchy. However, FileZilla is not only secure, it’s also widely used and highly featured.

    (5) Bookmarks Sync. Tool

    Zinkmo logo Zinkmo replaced Skymarks - Skymarks (IE bookmark synchronizer via the web) stopped working then disappeared and their site is down now only 3 months after I had paid for the program (all the other free ones created errors or did a poor job). Finally Zinkmo does a good job of syncing my Internet Explorer and Firefox bookmarks over the internet.

    (6) FeedReader

    RSS Bandit logo RSS Bandit replaced NewsGator’s FeedDemon - FeedDemon was awesome, because it synced to NewsGator Online so no matter if I was at home, work or not one of my computers everything would be synced up. RSS Bandit accomplishes the exact same thing.

    (7) Weather

    Weather Watcher replaced Weather Channel Platinum - When Weather Channel’s desktop weather program failed to work on Vista, I asked support for help. They never solved the issue and I was stuck using an ad supported program at home. Weather Watcher has everything and more.

    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sporting events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.

    • Thai Toilets

    On my first trip to Thailand the favourite watering hole of my mongering mentor was the Pink Panther in Pat Pong. I was in the loo one night unloading in to a wall mounted urinal when a bikini clad go-go dancer came rushing in to use the the communal cubicle. The cubicle was occupied so the girl walked up to the wall mounted urinal next to me, pulled her bikini brief to one side, thrust out her box and proceeded to unload male style into the urinal. It was like standing next to Niagra Falls. Having been well drug up and it being my first visit to Thailand, I was stunned to say the least. I wouldn't bat an eye lid now but then, ayeeeeeee. I couldn't get my head round bar fining for the best part of an hour. I know this story will turn on some of my golden shower friends but for me, nah. Forgeeeeet It.

    • On the first day of their honeymoon, the blonde bride slipped into a sexy but sweet nightie and, with great anticipation, crawled into bed. When her husband wasn't shortly behind her, she got up and went looking for him -- and found that her new Catholic husband had settled down on the couch. She asked him why he was apparently not going to make love to her. "I thought you realized," he replied. "It's Lent." "What?!" she shrieked, almost in tears. "Why, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!" "Well, you asked, and that's the answer," he said, going back to his book. "But..." she said. "Who did you lend it to, and for how long?"

    Thursday, 27 September 2007

    Chonburi Province Is Ready For The 24th SEA Games

    The 24th SEA games will be held in Nakorn-Rachasima from 6 – 16 December 2007 with the following water sport and equestrian events being held in Chonburi:

    • Canoe, kayak, rowing and long boat racing will be held at Maab Prachan reservoir, Banglamung.
    • Equestrian events such as dressage, jumping and eventing will be held at Horseshoe Point, Pattaya.
    • Sailing will be at Marina Yacht Club, Jomtien, Pattaya.
    • Windsurfing will be on Jomtien Beach
    • Triathlon will be in front of Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien.

    Should make for a busy time in the Pattaya area, SEA and high season all in the same 10 days........

    Sierra Tangos

    • World Record Firework Attempt - 7.00pm, Sunday 30 Sept, Bali Hai Pier. The event has been organized to celebrate the 80th Birthday of His Majesty the King

    • AsianSexGazette have today posted an article on Squeaky Clean Thailand. Can you guess what it's about? Click here to find out.

    • Graham Cordey, Q Bar - Friday, 5 October 2007 Q Bar presents one of Australia's most talented and respected house DJs, Graham Cordery with a performance which will mix house with rhythms of jazz, funk, and soul. Entrance 700 baht with 2 drinks. 20 I.D. Required.

    • Serious Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug Exposed - Do you rely on Excel 2007 at work or home to number crunch? If you do then the following should concern you. Excel 2007 can't correctly multiply certain numbers. The problem was initially exposed on the Microsoft Public Excel Group where one of their members reported this major bug to Microsoft, although Microsoft has yet to respond.

      To try it for yourself, open up Excel 2007 and multiply 850 by 77.1. Once you do that, you’ll discover the answer according to Excel 2007 is 100,000. But now get out a calculator or a piece of paper and pencil and do the same calculation and you’ll find that the answer is really 65,535. According to Appscout, there are 10,000 of these multiplication calculations that gave the wrong answer! Hopefully Microsoft will act soon to fix this serious Excel 2007 multiplication bug.

    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sporting events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.

    • Jay Leno's Take On President Ahmadinejad's Visit To The USA

    Yesterday at Columbia University was Take Your Insane Dictator to Work day.

    There was a lot of controversy about him speaking there. I have to admit, I didn’t like it. If he wants to condemn this country and our president, you do it the proper way — you win an Academy Award.

    As you know, the Iranian president said a lot of stupid things yesterday — my favorite was when he said, “There are no homosexuals in Iran.” Today, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig volunteered to go over there on an ass-finding mission.

    • David Letterman Take On President Ahmadinejad's Visit To The USA

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — according to this guy, there are no homosexuals in Iran. I guess that explains the pathetic state of their musical theatre.

    Top Ten Things (almost) Overheard During President Ahmadinejad's Trip to New York City

    10. "Being here makes me realize how much I miss torturing dissidents"

    9. "I would like to meet 'Whoopi'"

    8. "For a blood-thirsty madman, he dressed pretty sharp"

    7. "Let's go to Mahmoud on the car phone who wants to talk about Notre Dame football"

    4. "Death to overpriced midtown parking garages"

    3. "Instead of dealing in terror, maybe we should look into this sugar business"

    1. "I thought I was a prick, but then I met Donald Trump"

    • Can't imagine what he's done, but I feel for him......


    Wednesday, 26 September 2007

    Brand Names Banking On Long Term Prosperity Of Pattaya

     Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts plans to open new nine properties in Thailand within the next two years, according to senior vice-president Eva Ziegler. The new properties will open in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Samui and other major tourist destinations, giving the company 20 properties in Thailand by 2009. [via Hotels]

    Ed. With all the new hotels, malls and condos planned for this area over the next couple of years there are some big brands banking on the long term prosperity of Pattaya. Buying into the property sector now, during a so called mini slump in the property sector, could well be your last opportunity to join the party before property prices start to sky rocket again.   


    Sierra Tangos




    • As if there's not more than enough to go round !!!! - Police were called to Pattaya Beach in front of Soi 7 in the early hours of Tuesday Morning to deal with two men who were seen fighting. Police arrived and broke up the scuffle between the two men who claimed they were best friends. Fighting in a public place is illegal and Police arrested the two men, Khun Saisanook aged 45 and Khun Wirachai aged 34 and took them back to Pattaya Police Station. Police asked the men why they were fighting and their response led to some spontaneous laughter amongst officers. The two men claimed that they were fighting over the love of a prostitute who works on Pattaya Beach. The winner of the fight would then win the woman for the night. [via Pattaya City News]


    • Amazon launches early version of digital music download store - Inc launched an early version of its highly anticipated digital music download store, which is seen as a potential rival to Apple Inc's dominant iTunes system. Amazon's store, named Amazon MP3, allows users to buy music without copy protection technology, so that the songs can play on a variety of devices including Apple's iPod. Most songs are priced from 89 cents to 99 cents, with more than half of the 2 million songs priced at 89 cents, the online retailer said in a statement.



    • Anybody know where I can get hold of a Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar ? E-mail me at if you have one for sale



    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sporting events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.



    • White Supremacy ?













    • Bar Girl Caught Cheating - She's clearly overcome with guilt.......


















    Tuesday, 25 September 2007

    Weekend Of Alcohol Fueled Accidents in Pattaya

    Tourist Police Volunteer Killed In Road Crash

    Another drink related incident now which began with a minor road accident and led to the death of a Tourist Police Volunteer. Khun Wonduan aged 26, who is married to a foreigner, was out with her Thai boyfriend for the night and both drank heavily until it was time to go home. In the early hours of Sunday morning, both began their journey home in her husband’s silver Honda City and because of her intoxicated state, she was involved in a minor collision with a motorbike taxi driver who works at the front of Big C in North Pattaya. Khun Banjop aged 24 was not injured; however, Khun Wonduan panicked and decided to leave the scene of the crash in her slightly damaged car. Khun Banjop gave chase, during which, Khun Wonduan hit a number of stationary vehicles as she was not able to control her car due to the combination of excessive drinking and extreme panic. The chase continued to Naklua where a further and more serious crash occurred between the car and a motorbike with sidecar, driven by Khun Apichart aged 32, a Tourist Police Volunteer, who was returning home from his job at the Mountain Beach Hotel. He was thrown from the bike and was pronounced dead at the scene. Khun Wonduan decided to stop her car but remained inside the vehicle as she feared reprisals from family members of the victim who soon arrived at the scene. Police Sub-Lieutenant Pongsatorn from Banglamung Police Station soon arrived at the scene and placed the drunk driver under arrest and took her and her Thai boyfriend to the Police Station. She is now facing charges of drunk driving and reckless driving causing death. [via Pattaya City News]

    Pick-Up Ploughs Onto The Dolphin Roundabout

    A bizarre incident now from the Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya which occurred in the early hours of Monday Morning. Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsawat and a team of rescue workers and Pattaya City Hall technicians made their way to the location after receiving word of a pick-up which had ploughed into the fountain at the center of the roundabout. The driver of the pick-up which featured logo’s of a popular Thai Newspaper, Siam Sport, Khun Jutawat aged 28 was clearly intoxicated and sustained minor facial injuries. A second man in the pick-up, Khun Pichitchai aged 32, who was heavily intoxicated and unconscious in the back seat of the vehicle was taken to hospital as a precaution but was released soon after. [via Pattaya City News]

    Ed. I wouldn't normally open with such a depressing story as the tragic death of the Tourist Police volunteer but it looks to me like the lady did a runner from the initial accident because she was with her Thai boyfriend and not her farang husband and didn't want hubby to find out. The result of her decision to run is two families devastated by loss unless of course, the farang is foolish enough to buy his cheating wife out of the nick. If she is guilty, let's hope she is given enough time away to consider the consequences of her actions.

    The accident at the Dolphin Roundabout is scary. How fast must they have been going to get their truck on top of the roundabout? Unbelievable nobody else got hurt in what is normally a very busy inter-section.

    The message to everybody else going home late at night on a motorcycle is proceed with extreme caution, even at traffic lights in your favour. You just never know when some drunken tosser coming the other way doesn't even see the light. Day time mongering is starting to look more and more attractive.

    Sierra Tangos

    • Secrets Bar party tonight - 8.00pm

    • Don't forget to sign up for U Too Bar's pool competition this Friday, 28 Sept.

    • History at your fingertips - Bangkok Post have today made it possible for you to view online all it's front pages dating back to Aug 1, 1946. Orders for copies of the front pages can be made at the same web site,

    • TV Schedule Of Major Sporting Events - link to the TV schedule for major sportin g events such as the IRB Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, F1 Grand Prix, Cricket and Euro 2008 qualifiers.

    • Two guys are out in a boat fishing. One guy pulls out a big old cigar, but can't find a light, so he asks his buddy if he has one.

      The second guy says yeah, and produces a 12-inch long Bic lighter. The first guy is really shocked, and asks: "Where on Earth did you get that?" The guy with the lighter says: "I've got a genie living in my tackle box, and he gave it to me."

      Second guy doesn't believe it, so he looks in the tackle box, and sure enough there's the genie. Of course he can't resist, and asks if he can have a wish. The owner of the genie says: "Sure, go ahead." So the other gent asks for a million bucks. All of a sudden the sky turns black, there is a deafening noise and ducks start filling up the pond.

      The man who owns the genie says: "Sorry about that, I forgot to tell you, he's a little hard of hearing ... you don't think I'd actually ask for a 12-inch Bic, do you?

    • One Brits eloquent view on British Muslims. If he runs for Parliament, he'll get my vote....