Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Favourite time of day......

Club Mistys

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Pattaya Post Office

I received a card in my mail box last week advising me that I had registered mail to collect from the Post Office. In the past, this has always meant a trip to the Naklua Post Office but this card clearly stated that I had to go to the new Pattaya City Post Office. Where?

One phone call later I found out that the new Pattaya City Post Office is on Sukhumvit about 1km from the Floating Market. You have to drive on Sukhumvit towards Sattahip until you reach the Floating Market. You then take a u-turn and drive approx. 1km back towards Pattaya. You will see the new Post Office on your left side. Look out for the flags.

Hard to figure a stranger location for a new P.O. for the residents of Pattaya. In fact, the Naklua P.O. will be closer for many. Hard to figure but could have much to do with who formerly owned the land now occupied by the new P.O.

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Out Of Africa

We did it to the Scots so it was bound to come back and haunt us.....

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Friday, 25 June 2010

Round up of positive news on Thailand

Click on the link for the full article:

Ed. re the film festival idea, hope they don't invite Roman Polanski.....

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Premiere Vixens

The Premiere Vixens promote condom usage in the Philippines.

Wonder how many Hail Mary's they have to say at night.......

Monday, 21 June 2010

Qatar Airways expansion program includes Phuket

Qatar Airways today announced its expansion programme was continuing with vigour with plans to launch six new routes in Europe and Asia from October 2010.

The Doha-based airline will phase in the route expansion over a four-month period with daily flights to Phuket - after Bangkok, its second destination in Thailand - kicking off the growth drive on October 11. The new flights will operate via Kuala Lumpur.

Three weeks later, beginning November 1, Qatar Airways adds the Vietnamese capital Hanoi to its network with four flights a week via Bangkok. The new route will support existing services to Vietnam's commercial centre and largest city of Ho Chi Minh City, where flights will also be stepped up from four-a-week to daily.

Read more at ameinfo

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Pattaya OTOP Fair, July 1st - 4th

The One Tambon One Product Fair returns to Pattaya Beach Road from July 1st - 4th

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Nice paint job

MV GO LA LA (Game of Life) Thailand world Cup 2010 Theme Song

Lots of TTTT in the vid of the FIFA World Cup theme tune. Now, where's the high def version......

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Rooney blames new boot

Rooney blames new boot not new ball for his poor form....
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thousands of British men fuel a vile sex trade in Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand's capital of fun' is how the pocket guidebook to the town describes the place, which attracts a million visitors a year. A less kind, but more accurate, description would be one huge brothel.

The average visitor appears to be male, 40 or more, probably losing his hair, frequently fat, very likely British and there for one reason only - to buy sex with young Thai women.

Read more at Mail Online

Ed. Here we go again. This one's written by a women who clearly has a problem with slap-heads....

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Anti-climax. First viagra pill for women.

Its promise to lift flagging libidos raised hopes among women around the world. 
But flibanserin, the first 'female Viagra', may turn out to be a bit of a flop. Health regulators deciding whether to give the 'pink Viagra' the green light have given it a lukewarm reception.

Drug reviewers at the US's Food and Drug Administration, said that it had failed to make the grade in two studies designed to gauge its effectiveness.

The aphrodisiac is also far from side-effect free.  Problems with the drug range from the unfortunate, such as drowsiness, to the unpleasant, including depression, fainting and dizziness.

Ed. I think a lady I slept with last week was on flibanserin. When she woke up in the morning she said she felt depressed and faint. 

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Fans Comparison

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Walking Street - June 12th

The Street was very quiet before 11.00pm but picked up later on. Many bars had far more staff than customers with Iron and Airport amongst the few bucking the trend by having plenty of customers.  

One change I've noticed is with so many staff in the bars, girls are waiting a long time to 'dance'. In bars like Peppermint and Cavern they are putting this time to good use by interacting with the customers. Makes for a fun time if you can handle the attention.....  

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Yet another sleaze article

Wonder if Nick Francis got paid a tenner for this piece of quality journalism...

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New Peppermint

Peppermint has moved from the same floor as the Marine Disco to Walking Street level - where the stairs used to be to the old Marine if you've been around for a while.

Once you get inside it is identical in layout to the old Peppermint. I would have said it is about half the size of the old Peppermint but I have it on good authority the difference is just 4 sq mtrs. Amazing. 

One thing's for sure the owners have packed the place with some top talent if you are in to that sort of thing..... 

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Phuket Music Festival 2010, June 25th - 26th

Phuket Music Festival 2010 full moon version.

Open 6.00pm - 2.00am, Karon Beach.

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100 Hottest Female Footie fans

As my contribution to the build up to the big kick-off, I give you photos of the 100 hottest female footie fans.  

To see full size images, go to Manofest

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The End of Brand Thailand

How mismanagement and mistakes turned a high-growth democratic paradise into a violent mess.

For years Thailand was synonymous with images of paradise: it was a thriving democracy with a 1997 Constitution that enshrined protections for human rights. It was an economic powerhouse that posted some of the world’s highest growth rates in the 1980s and early 1990s. Bangkok ranked No. 1 in readers’ polls of the best cities in Asia by Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazines.

And now? Brand Thailand is shattered. Over the past two months, clashes in Bangkok between the security forces and protesters clad in red have killed at least 80 people, gutted some of Bangkok’s most important economic institutions, including the stock exchange and the largest shopping center, and destroyed the image of peace and tranquillity. The critical tourism industry, which accounts for as much as 8 percent of GDP, is gasping, at a time when regional competitors like Cambodia and Singapore are trying to steal Thailand’s visitors.

Read the full article at Newsweek.

Ed. The investment being redirected to Vietnam, the continued lack of investment in the education system and the near certainty that the next army commander in chief will be an hard liner means there are few obvious signs that things are going to improve anytime soon. 

Thursday, 10 June 2010

After much deliberation......

After much deliberation, my heart tells me Argentina are going to win it..... 

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FIFA World Cup Kick Off Celebration tonight

The concert is 1.00am Friday morning Thai time and not before kick-off tomorrow evening. 

Artists appearing include Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Juanes, K'naan, Angélique Kidjo, Tinariwen, Vieux Farka Touré, BLK JKS, The Parlotones, Vusi Mahlasela, Freshlyground, Soweto Gospel Choir and Lira.

Surf your TV channels tonight if you want to catch this impressive line up.  There again, the concert lasts for 3 hours so you may want to set your recorder...

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The most stunning World Cup schedule ever

All you need to know about who, where, when for the World Cup. Simply brilliant schedule for the FIFA World Cup.

Click on the arrows outside the ball/globe for additional features. 

Minor criticism is kick of times are local time, South Africa, but I'm sure in Thailand we are capable of adding 5 hours to calculate kick off times in Thai time. 

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Black and White Thai Hotties

Where to watch the World Cup in Bangkok

CNNGo have produced a terrific list of indoor and outdoor venues for viewing World Cup matches in Bangkok.

You could try a different venue for each game... Now where's the Pattaya list.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2010, June 18th - 20th

This year the 9th Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2010 will run from 18 – 20 June 2010. These dates have been posted by the TAT and Hua Hin Municipality and are current to our knowledge.


There will be performances by Thai, Asian and world famous International Jazz musicians during the 3 days in different beach locations; at the Sofitel and the Intercontinental.

Clik on the link above for a schedule of performers. 

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Party girls at Hot Tuna - Puy's birthday

Monday, 7 June 2010

Facebook 'friends' Shena, Tammy and Emmy

Sean Kingston could have written Beautiful Girls with this trio in mind.....

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez - MTV 2010 Movie Awards

Reprising his role in Tropic Thunder. Not one of my favourite actors but how cool is this.

Saturday night on the town.

We started out at the Beer Garden and I have to say it was doing a roaring trade. All seats at the big bar were taken and many tables around the perimeter were also occupied. The seats at the bar were evenly shared out between farangs and Thai girls. In fact there were far more girls in the bar than I've seen before. It's a great bar in a great location and deserves to do well. Bottled beer is priced around Bt65 which is very reasonable for just off Walking Street.
Our second port of call was the newish open air beer bars out over the seas just after the sea food restaurants as you start in to Walking Street. No I didn't check the name. What do you think I am, a professional!!! You'd have thought Brad Pitt had walked in with the reception we got from the girls. Clear sign they're not doing much business. We stopped for a beer at the next to last bar on the right which had a plentiful supply of girls crammed behind the bar and free food... There was also a very attractive blonde Thai girl who served us with fresh fruit. Very pretty indeed. The reason for the shortage of customers was probably explained when we were charged Bt90 for a beer. If I can pay less in an air-conditioned go-go why would I pay more to sweat it out at an open air bar. The place was pleasant enough but did nothing to make me think I'd go back.  
Our next beer was in the new Cavern Go Go which was rammed jammed with women. In fact I must have had my tackle mishandled half a dozen times before I found a seat. Now the show and dancers were just okay in my book but what made the Cavern a winner for me was the friendly nature of the girls waiting to dance. I got chatting with a girl seconded from Peppermint and she was a bundle of fun. Had me laughing for most of the time I was there. I'd go back for the friendly girls but not so much for what was on stage.

Next up was Living Dolls 1 which was just okay. I suspect the stars of the bar were out which took the edge off what is a very popular bar with many regulars to Pattaya. AfterLiving Dolls 1 we checked out the coyote bar at the entrance to the Living Dolls 1 alley.  No, I didn't spot the name.... We were quickly hit on to buy ladies drinks which turns me off a bit but I did like sitting in the window fronting Walking Street to watch the talent go by. Beer a bit expensive but more than a few attractive girls to keep you happy if you are in the market. 
For some reason that escapes me we then made the long walk down to Soho. We checked out Club Boesche which is a shadow of it's former glory. Few girls and even fewer customers. Looks to be really struggling which is sad. It was one of my favourite bars in it's prime. We then called in X-Zone upstairs and it at least had a few girls and a few customers. Soho struck as an area in decline. My own feeling is the majority of punters enter Walking Street from the Beach Road and there are just too many bars between the start of Walking Street and Soho. Normally when I drink on Walking Street I'm lucky to get further than Soi Diamond.
We headed back to Soi Diamond to the Sea Go Go which for me punches above it's weight. Small place but plenty of friendly, buxom talent to go round. Again, more girls than customers which pretty much summed up the night.

We hit a few more bars but as I can't remember their names there's not much I can say about them. My overall impression from the night was the girls are hungry. Even the stars are making an effort. Good time to be a monger in Pattaya. 

The truth about orgasms of the female kind

We all enjoy sex, and studies have proven that a “healthy sex life equals a healthy lifestyle,” or something along those lines. We can tell when a woman is about to have an orgasm, or better said climax, but what does this mean scientifically? What does an orgasms do to her physically, mentally, and how to her orgasms differentiate?

The following piece of info had me gagging......

150 orgasms in a day and I'd be in a grave......
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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Vietnamese beauty Elly Tran

The Penthouse Hotel Experience - Boutique Rooms & Suites in Pattaya Thai...

Promo for Penthouse Hotel but shows plenty of the sights and sounds of Pattaya.

3 Fairs Today

Today is the last day of "Pattaya Shop on the Beach" features 800 booths and a music concert. The event is expected to generate at least Bt100 million.
Meanwhile, Bangkok also has a two-day trade fair called "Together We Can" grand sale on Henri Dunant Road near Siam Square today. The fair, from 10am till 8pm, aims to help 700 entrepreneurs whose retail businesses were affected from the recent riots.
At Siam Paragon Mall, there was also a fair named "Being Charitable Together" running from 10am to 9pm today. The event has 160 booths for riot affected entrepreneurs and a charity music concert.
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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale - June 15 to August 15

Enjoy discounts of 5% - 80% in department stores like Central, hotels, hospitals, airlines, golf courses and many more. 


Just look out for the sign above.

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