Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Samed in Love Music Festival


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Runway Model 'Wobbles' Compilation.

The blonde in the red dress is amazing. How did she keep it going.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Carl Jr at Central Festival, Pattaya


The photos show the deck at Carl Jr overlooking the beach and obviously the entrance, (boring I know). You have to walk almost to the scenic lifts on the 3rd Floor at the Beach Road end of Central before you see Carl Jr's on your right.

Great location, (the deck), spectacular view, (the deck), enormous portions and quality charbroiled burgers. We ate in but ended up asking for take-away bags cause we couldn't finish what we'd ordered. One Shirt wasn't with us to hoover!!!! By comparison, a Mac goes down almost in one bite!!!!! You need to be hungry to eat here. Also, prices are more inline with Burger King prices than Macdonalds.   

Have women always taken their photos in toilets?

Have women always taken their photos in toilets around the world or is it a Facebook phenomena? Whatever, it's weird that it's now accepted as normal practice - "Give me a minute girls, I'm just off to the lav to take my photo." Blokes are more 'splash and dash' with maybe a quick gander at the tackle in the next urinal. Not me like, I'm just saying....... 


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Friday, 8 June 2012

Bangkok from Dusk to Dawn

When the city comes alive.....

Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong.

Olympics Will Stream Live on YouTube in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The International Olympic Committee’s YouTube channel will broadcast 2,200 hours of HD coverage for people in territories where digital broadcast rights have not already been acquired by the IOC’s broadcast partners: Thailand is one of those countries.

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Queen's Club opens on LK Metro.


Owned by the same people who own Iron Go Go on Walking Street this impressive new go-go has a standard Baccarat like island stage down the middle of the bar with acres of space around the stage.  The pole gymnast from Iron was wowing the crowd with her ability to levitate up a 15m pole without appearing to move a muscle. Clever that. Bottled beer close to Walking Street prices (north of Bt100) but it's a bar that's defo worth a beer of your time.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

All Messi's goals and assists from last season

Just 11mins of your time to see all Messi's goals and assists from season 2011-12. Eleven minutes in the company of a sporting superstar.