Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rihanna's 'We Found Love' vid banned on some TV channels

Here are 13 other steamy vids that also got banned.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thai Penthouse girls Irene and Joy. They often do very sexy shows in Bangkok

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Thailand Concert Watch


Jason Mraz and Pitbull may have cancelled because of the floods but Mogwai, Ladytron, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Armin Van Buurun, The Naked and The Famous, Black Lips and Incubus are still coming. Click on the following link for full details.

Bangkok concert watch |

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pattaya Rag Facebook Girls

Amazing Thailand cartoon Postcards say it best

Three Amazing Thailand cartoon postcards that take a light hearted look at life in paradise.


The above postcard is subtitled, Burnley lads looking for the Tower.........


Just about everybody who's been to Pattaya has squeezed through this gap. 


Thanks to Andy, Champagne Go Go, for images.


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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pattaya room rates soaring

Stating the obvious but expect a mega high season for Pattaya this year. If you are in the habit of booking flights and then finding a room when you get here, then think again. A friend of P.R. whose family run a local estate agents come tour guide reckon that Pattaya is bursting at the seams and will be getting much worse around the year end. They should know as they have one of the most popular property and holiday web sites in Russia ( 

They tell me that when the flood hit, many Russian tourists cancelled their trips and the vacated rooms and houses have since been taken up by the 'floods' of Bangkokians relocating to Pattaya. Thing is, now that the word is out that Pattaya is okay, Russians are starting to book again. Pattaya will be exploding! From a selfish point of view the good news is Russian and Thai families don't have a much interest in the local wild life..... 

In typical Pattaya style, prices will go off the Richter Scale! I've already posted about prices for  a 'short walk' with a friend doubling in price. Now room rates are going through the roof, and that’s if there are any available. S.T. rooms may be by charged by the minute! Now that's not a problem for me but may upset some of you!!! My mate from Warrington better ease off on the blue pills. It could get expensive!!!!!!

For sure Pattaya needs a good high season but expect some fall-out from the level this one will reach. Higher prices for EVERYTHING which, again is typical Pattaya and don't expect prices to return to norm after this unusual demand is over. TIT.

Sadly the non existent water supply and traffic jams are going to continue in to the new year. It will probably be after the next rainy season before my water supply returns to normal. Anyone would think there was a drought rather than a bloody flood. Crazy hay! 

I digress. If anyone has a house or condo they want to rent out, my friends would be very happy to hear from you. Drop me a line and I will pass it on.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pattaya City Hall officials glimpse the future

The influx of Bangkokians to Pattaya has given City Hall a glimpse of Pattaya's future and it's not pretty.....

The roads are ram jammed with cars, water supply is almost non existent, (why?), drainage is inadequate and garbage disposal  is intermittent. On top of that, supermarkets can't meet the demands of a larger resident population. The only service coping with the influx is, (drum roll), ...... service girls. Oh, and to be fair, (touch wood), electrical supply. That said, I'd be interested to know what sort of spike they get when we all put our kettles on after Isaan Enders.....

City Hall should see this as a golden opportunity to plan for a better future. Not holding my breath though..........

Image via Pattaya Times.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jobs in US, Greece & Italy

In the US :


In Greece :


In Italy :


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

To Trat - Thailand Public Bus or VIP Travel Mini Bus?

Ed - the following story was sent in by Chaz and should be a warning to us all.

Normally I travel to Trat on the Thai public coach service which costs Bt137 and operates from Sukumivit direct to Trat daily at 6.30am, arriving Trat 9.30am.

For the trip on Monday, I decided to do it in style using one of the many VIP mini bus services operating out of Pattaya. I paid Bt600 for VIP pick up at my door. The pick up was at 7.15 and I was the first on the bus. Unfortunately, what I thought was good fortune turned out to be anything but when I found out I was the first of many. To add insult to injury the driver was asking me for directions to various hotels around town. It was 9.00am before the bus was fully loaded. When I say fully loaded, I mean fully loaded. Every seat was taken and there was no storage for luggage so many sat with their cases on their knees. I felt really sorry for the two guys at the back who were carrying full size suitcases.

To the highway. The first thing we had to do was all get out again whilst the vehicle was fuelled with lpg. So that’s where the luggage space went!! Off we go again, very hot and very uncomfortable, thank god for vallium. I was awoke about 2.5 hours later to be told that we had to refuel again. Unfortunately, we were in a queue of cars half a mile long waiting to get to the lpg pump. Turns out the station had run out of gas and was waiting for delivery. That 2 hour delay really did drag. 

Gassed up we were off again but not for long. We had to change mini-buses as the one we were on was actually doing a visa run to the Cambodian border. Guess what, we had to wait for the replacement mini-bus. Once on the new minibus it was just a short journey to a cafe by one of the piers where we changed our transport to a ferry boat.

I arrived on Koh Chang in the 4.30pm, a journey of 9hrs 45mins..... If I’d travelled on a Thai bus I could have travelled in relative comfort, been there 6hrs earlier and with an extra 450 baht in my pocket. We may think Thais travel on the bus services because its its cause they're not the stupid ones.

Ed - Given what happened to Chaz, the next time I travel by VIP mini bus I will be sure to check:
  • What time the bus actually leaves Pattaya
  • that the bus has storage space for luggage
  • that I will travel on just one bus from Pattaya to my destination.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Up designed with girl sponsors in mind

If Jawbone has its way, you’ll soon be wrapping this bendable, waterproof gadget around your wrist, tracking your health with it — and hardly ever taking it off. What is the wristband tracking, exactly? In short: sleep and exercise. 

It also looks for micro-movements at bedtime and can tell when you’ve fallen asleep. Not sure what it does with massive movements......... 

So if you've got a lazy girlfriend and her Up is logging lots of vigorous exercise when your back is turned, then she's probably getting more than your portion........ 

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I didn't forward to 10 people.... aargh....


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Champagne Girl

Two striking images of the Thai flood

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little black number

Times Gentleman's Club opens Friday - 4 Nov

Patrick showed me around the new club and it is amazing. Well worth a beer or two of your time. OPENS FRIDAY.


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