Sunday, 10 February 2013

3D Printing and the Sex Toy Industry

With 3D printing it's now possible to order the "most personalized gift ever": a replica of your penis or vagina using cutting-edge 3D modeling, 3D printing and casting in sterilizable and very flesh-like silicone. These are sex toys that are ready for immediate and vigorous action, and yes, they will also enhance. 


Rag - expect men to order the dick they wished they had and not the one they actually have..... I can also see these toys being marriage savers. When a  partner is too tired for nookie they can just hand over a copy of their private parts and sleep in peace..... Question - How do the print company get the dimensions of a lady's private parts?

Other forward thinking companies are planning for the time when we all have 3D printers in our homes.  They will host free-to-download, user-generated 3D designs for adult toys to be printed at home, including the site's most popular item, Justin Bieber's head.

Rag - WTF am I going to do with that? Thing is, this technology has endless applications and as always the sex industry is at the cutting edge. p.s. I'm trying to negotiate the 3D sex toy printing rights for Saudi Arabia........  

Read the full article on personalised sex toys at Cool Hunting

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