Monday, 2 December 2013

CTH add Stadium 7 channel with English pundits

CTH have added a new Stadium sports channel to their roster that shows EPL games with English pre/post game pundits and also game review/preview pundit programs during the week. The channel also has a never ending cycle of replayed games but they have to fill the time in somehow.

If your channel list is up to date then you should find Stadium 7 on C137.

If it's not up to date then you can either contact the CTH Support Desk for info on how to update your channel list or you can gird up your loins and read on with the Rag.....

1. Power on your TV with CTH as the source feed....... (did I really need to put that... you'd be surprised...)

2. On the CTH remote, click Menu

3. Scroll left/right so that the Settings icon, (cog), is the first icon shown on the left side

4. You should new see a list of options above the Settings cog. Move the highlighter up/down until Dish Settings is highlighted and them press OK on your remote

5. You will be prompted to enter a Message Box password. Key in 0000 on your remote, (that's four zeroes)

6. You have two red buttons on your CTH remote. One is for power on/off and one is for Subtitles. Press the Subtitles red button on your remote to to start the search/update channel list option

7. Wait for the blue progress bar to reach 100% and then press Exit on your remote

8. Select C137 on your remote and you should be watching Stadium 7.

Who's your Daddy????????

p.s. If your system is totally screwed I am NOT the CTH Support Desk. Best of luck with that one......

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