Thursday, 20 March 2014

WeChat, the new way to connect


WeChat is one of the best ways I know for 'farangs' to meet regular Thai ladies. Regular as in working in offices, stores or factories. These 'regular' Thai ladies are actively using WeChat for discrete dating. Let's call it Kik dating, (or is that Gik). Now Kik dating was originally the preserve of Thai on Thai, (kik =  friend for casual sex), but apps like WeChat have opened it up to Farangs. I know a number of resident farang who have taken the time to meet ladies through WeChat and now have a stable of ladies who only contact them when they feel the urge to 'kik-it'...... that's the deal, meet, kik-it, leave.....  no demands, no recriminations, no money.

How is this possible. Well, it seems there's an army of young Thai women who've either been left holding the baby or their Thai boyfriend has a mia noi and is neglecting them or their boyfriend/husband has just gone. These ladies have reputations to protect so WeChat allows them to arrange discrete liaisons and also save on batteries........ cough, cough.......

Meetings seem to follow a set pattern. The first meeting the girl will be chaperoned and you will have to buy a round of noodles/som tam whilst you break the ice. The second meeting will more often than not be one on one and things can quickly move to the kik-it stage. Thereafter, you meet as little or as often as the mood takes you.

One word.. well sentence, of caution. If you use WeChat in Pattaya expect to meet massage parlour girls. Use WeChat in the vicinity of stores or factories and you will be amazed at the response you get.

The real kicker with kik-it is there are many beautiful twenty-somethings out there just waiting to meet you.

THE NEW WAY TO CONNECT -  you better believe it..........

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