Thursday, 19 September 2013

Australians drugged, raped and robbed at Thai beach parties, diplomat warns

In an interview on the eve of his retirement after eight years as Australian Honorary Consul in Thailand, Mr Cunningham said Australian parents would be shocked to know how Thai criminals target young Australians and other foreigners at parties like those on Koh Phangan, an island where each full moon up to 30,000 ravers cram into one kilometre of beach, sipping cocktails from buckets.

“They are some of the worst criminals in Thailand ... rapists, murderers and thieves and some are corrupt police,” he said.

Mr Cunningham said one young distressed Australian woman turned up at the Australian embassy in Bangkok wearing only a T-shirt and bikini. She had been pack raped and had all her valuables stolen during a party and someone had put her on a bus to Bangkok.

“These are dangerous, dangerous places … even groups of revellers are targeted by these criminals,” Mr Cunningham said.

“Previously the buckets contained mixes like cheap Thai whiskey but now drinkers have no idea what is in there,” he said.

Dozens of revellers are usually ferried to mainland hospitals after each party on Koh Phangan, suffering a litany of ailments and injuries

Read the full article at The Sunday Morning Herald.

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