Thursday, 7 March 2013

Manchester Utd v Real Madrid

Fergie's tactics lost the game not the red card.

Many 10 man teams win games particularly if they are in front when a player goes off. Chelsea played Barcelona with 10 and won. Thing is, when you go down to 10 it's normal for a manager to pull off a forward and put on a def-mid or defender. Fergie chose to take off a forward and replace him with a forward, Rooney. Manchester Utd lost the game cause Fergie tried to be smart tactically and it back fired. He got the tactics wrong and is now hiding behind a red card smokescreen.

Hope UEFA take action. It's time Fergie was shown he's not bigger than the game. As for Ferdinand, ban him from not showing the required level of respect to the officials. Forget that, ban him for just having no class.

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