Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thailand, a Mecca for Golf

Thailand has such an array of top quality courses that it attracts golfers from all over the world. Within a 40min drive of Pattaya there are 18 championship courses alone.

It's possible to play a top class course, with a cart and caddie for as little as £30.00. If you play Monday to Friday it's also possible to play without queuing. Millionaires golf for all.

So, given the popularity of the game here in Thailand, I thought I'd share the following golf related articles with you happy golfers out there.

Firstly, '6 Golf Gadgets to Tee Off With'


Secondly, '8 Mobile Apps for Golf Season'


I hope you find something in the articles that help you shave a couple of shots off your handicap. Snows forecast for Pattaya too..........

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