Saturday, 27 July 2013

Crystal & Iron earn top billing in Pattaya

The stand out bars from the ones visited last night were easily Crystal, LK Metro and Iron on Walking Street.

Photo from Bachelor - it's dark in there so the LEDs stand out.

Crystal was the busiest bar by far and has probably the best line up of girls of any bar on on LK. Some bars on LK hardly had any customers which I guess is a sign of the low season times. 

On Walking Street, Iron created a huge impression with it's bevy of beautiful and buxom, (many natural), ladies. I could have easily stayed there all night drinking in the view..... Sensations still has a stunning line up but was surprisingly low on customers last night. If they can't pull the punters in with their line up then this must be the lowest of all low seasons. i-Bar was bouncing if that's your thing with more pretty things in there than you can shake a stick at. You'll probably have more success in there if you haven't yet qualified for a bus pass.... what say you One Shirt.....

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