Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thailand in danger of being a nation run by thieves

Corruption at all levels of Thai society continues to be a serious problem for Thailand. Public officials, from junior civil servants and policemen to top bureaucrats and Cabinet members, are regularly accused of graft, and many of them have been convicted for corruption and sentenced to terms of imprisonment or other punishment. 

On the global scale, Thailand ranks dreadfully in terms of transparency, often among countries at a similar stage of economic advancement. Recent surveys by eight leading organisations promoting government transparency have found that the Kingdom's performance has worsened in recent years. This is because there have been large-scale irregularities in government policies, often facilitated by legal loopholes, according to NACC member Klanarong Chanthick. "Corruption is badly undermining the country's economic, political and social systems. Irregularities in Thailand tend to get more serious and complex," he said.

To read the full article go to The Nation.

Rag - I suspect many would say the horse has already bolted on this one........ It doesn't make it right but my feeling is Thailand is no worse than Britain or America when it comes to corruption amongst bureaucrats and politicians.  For those that don't know the classic movie 'Mr Smith Goes To Washington' was about corruption and graft in Washington and was released in 1939. You would be as naive as Mr Smith if you thought things had changed for the better in the last 74 years.    

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