Monday, 15 July 2013

Phuket's Tuk Tuks being phased out but no progress in sight

All 1100 tuk-tuks on Phuket are being converted to the 11 seater Suzuki tuk-tuk model, (see photograph), which is said by its driver to be the first of its kind on Phuket.

There are at least 10 of the larger, cheaper Suzuki tuk-tuks operating now on Phuket with the Daihatsu tuk-tuks all eventually destined for the scrapyard.

Read the full article at Phuket Wan.

Rag - no great improvement in my book. What Pattaya is screaming out for is a replacement for the old style Baht Bus taxis and the same could apply to Phuket. The Suzuki is same old, same old. How tourists figure out how to use the Baht Bus style of taxi I'll never know.

To me the obvious answer is the electrical samlor/Tuk Tuk. Environmentally friendly, can maneuver in Pattaya's small sois, can pick up passengers without stopping the flow of traffic and can operate point to point, door to door, making things easy for tourists. It's also uniquely Thai, (well Asian), and would have plenty of tourist appeal. A number of Baht Buses could be retained to operate from 3rd Road and beyond.

The major stumbling block for change in Pattaya is the ever powerful Baht Bus Taxi mafia. Rumour has it that the mayor who breaks their monopoly will live an interesting but short life...... Baht Bus it is then.....

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