Monday, 26 August 2013

Aussie couple in Bangkok bag-tamper marijuana scam scare

A Melbourne couple say they were fortunate not to have fallen victim to tough Thai drug laws after marijuana was planted in their luggage.

About to check in for a flight from Phuket to Bangkok, the couple noticed their bags were overweight, but it wasn't until they realised that one of the bags was missing a lock and part of her boyfriend's suitcase had been cut through. that they thought something was strange.

They took their bags to a nearby hotel and, after a search, found marijuana in a small pocket of a bag inside woman's suitcase.
She suspects that she and her boyfriend were victims of a scam that should have involved fake police or customs officers.

Read the full article at The Brisbane Times.

Rag - scary stuff. 

Pity the article doesn't report when/where the bags were out of the couples sight - hotel, taxi, airport and which hotel they stayed in. You also have to wonder if the 'officials' involved the scam were fake. If they were about to check in where would they have come in to contact with fake officials? Outside Bangkok airport possibly but you have to wonder?    

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