Monday, 19 August 2013

CTH and EPL cable feeds in Pattaya

I was in the CTH shop on Sukhumvit, (near Index), a few days ago and inquired about the availability of cable feeds for CTH channels in Pattaya. They advised me they only handled satellite feeds, it was a shop on South Pattaya Road that handled the cable feed installations. That's all they knew, a shop on South Pattaya Road.

Over a month ago I'd actually registered for a CTH cable feed with a Sophon shop on the corner of South Pattaya Road and Third Road. So I assumed that was the shop I still had to deal with for a cable feed. I went back there today and was advised they were no longer in partnership with CTH for cable or satellite installations. Where was my month old application I inquired. Don't know was the helpful reply.

After a bit of digging around on the Internet I found a telephone number for CTH Pattaya, (085-2460007), and phoned to check their location. Turns out the shop for CTH cable feeds is now on the corner of Soi 1, South Pattaya Road, just around the corner from the Vientiane Restaurant.

I like Treasure Hunts so this was starting to be fun........   Anyway I get to the shop only to find they will only have cable feeds in Pattaya in THREE MONTHS TIME...... MAYBE...... FFS......

As a compromise, I was told I could have a satellite feed installed in about 1 weeks time and then change that to a cable feed when the cable boxes become available for NO EXTRA CHARGE. I've a feeling satellite installations are more expensive than cable installations so I think I'm being mugged somehow..... hay ho, another day in paradise.

An existing user of CTH satellite was in the shop and said in his opinion CTH channels were much better than Truevision's for one third of the price. He also confirmed EPL matches are broadcast with English commentary and the pundit panels for previewing/reviewing games were also being broadcast, if you are in to that sort of thing.

Note 1 - the CTH shop on Sukhumvit said they could install a dish/feed in 2 days whereas the shop on South Pattaya Road said they would take 1 week. Maybe the latter was just being honest.....

Note 2 - CTH have EPL broadcast rights for 3 seasons and you have to pay 3 years monthly channel fees in advance to benefit from the promotional price of Bt599/- plus tax per month. That's approx Bt24,000. You then have to add the charges for installation of dish/box/caable. I believe you have to add Bt200 to the monthly channel fee for each additional TV you add to the feed.

Hope that helps.... clear as mud.......

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