Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pattaya Cricket Sixes, April 7th - 10th

The Pattaya International Cricket Sixes 2010 will be contested by sixteen teams from around the world when play gets underway at the new cricket ground at Horseshoe Point Resort on 7 April 2010.
The four day Pattaya Sixes (7 - 10 April) is organised by the Asian Cricket Sixes Tour, an organiser and promoter of cricket tournaments across the Asia Pacific region which also includes Hong Kong, Shanghai, Phuket, Singapore and New South Wales.

Former Australian Test player and one of the famous Chappell brothers, Trevor Chappell, will play and participate in the tournament.

The Pattaya International Cricket Sixes 2010 team list includes: Pattaya CC Stallions (Thailand), Pattaya CC Colts (Thailand), CBB Postels (International), Perth Postels (Australia), Ios Malakas (Greece), Narayangang Cricket Club (Bangladesh), Thai Spirits (Thailand), Falcon DNV (Kuwai), Asian All Stars (India), Custom Cockatoos (Australia), Pattaya Siam Lions (Thailand), Dhaka Club (Bangladesh), Bounty Buccaneers (Malaysia), Pune (India), Warathai's (Australia)  and Ali Baba Warriors (Thailand).

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