Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spartacus - U.S. TV Shocker

Traditionally, TV programs made in America are far more conservative than programs made in Britain. Usually far less flesh and gratuitous violence. That's all changed with  Spartacus - Blood and Sand. This U.S. produced swords and sandles epic has enough nudity to pacify even the most committed Go-Go bar regular. The violence is reminiscent of 300, all comic book splatter and gore. If you remember Xena, Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless) and which man doesn't, then she finally puts our minds at rest by revealing all in this surprising series.

The thing is, the nudity and violence shouldn't detract from what is a very good series with plot and sub plots aplenty to keep you interested.

A review I found online for the last program reads as follows:

Last night's "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" was 95% sex and titties, 4% violence, and 1% plot development. But it's cool, because everybody from slaves to senatorial wives got freaky, and some of them wearing only gold paint! Our boy Spartacus has accepted his place as champion/gigolo of the ludis, and so Lucy pimped him out to one of her friends. Does Lucy Lawless know what she's doing? Yes......

There's little chance of Spartacus being broadcast here without major cuts so maybe you need to do a bit of torrent searching online. It's is worth the trouble I assure you!!!!

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