Friday, 23 April 2010

Goose's Fish & Chips

I ate in Goose's Fish & Chip restaurant this week and loved it. Notice I called it a restaurant not chip shop. Goose's is more like a mini Harry Ramsden's or an upmarket tea shoppe in York. Aghh Betty's.....  Modern decor, immaculate white table clothes, courteous and helpful staff and good food. What more could a Yorkie ask for? No, that's not on the menu.......

You have a choice of local fish, (Bt195), Atlantic Cod, (Bt295) or Atlantic Haddock (Bt495 - I think). I ordered the cod and it was a good choice.

When my meal arrived, the cod filled half the dinner plate and came with chips, peas, (had to be mushy for me), tartar sauce and a slice of bread. Everything was freshly cooked, no 'flashing' the chips here. The batter on the fish was perfect. Light and crispy. The meal overall, delicious. 

With a pot of tea thrown in, the meal cost me Bt335 and because of the setting, the service and the quality of the food, it was money well spent.     

Goose's does more than fish/chips. I noticed pies and bacon sandwiches on the menu but I don't think I could go there for anything but fish. If the exchange rate improves, (fat chance), then I may one day treat myself to an haddock but until then, gimme a Goose's cod. 

The best fish and chips I've eaten in Thailand. There, I've said it.  

Goose's is between Soi 7 and Soi 8 on 2nd Road. If you are in a car, then you could park in Central and walk the short distance from there to Goose's. It worked for me!!

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