Monday, 26 April 2010

Men can now stop sex ending prematurely with £25 Priligy pill

The first pill that prevents premature ejaculation is launching in the UK tomorrow.

The drug could provide relief to tens of thousands of men afflicted with the embarrassing condition.  It is estimated nearly one in three British men suffer from the sexual problem at some point in their lives.

Medical trials revealed taking just one tablet one to three hours before sex helped men to last three times as long during lovemaking.

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Ed. Isn't £25 a lot to pay to go from 1min to 3mins???? That's £12.50 for each additional minute...... Over Bt1,000 in real money. Amazingly, the pills come in packs of 3 so you actually have to fork out £76 for a pack of three 30mg tablets. I'm told by the Rag's roving reporter that you can get the pressurre released down Soi 6 for half the price of a pill. Somehow, I can't see a guy saying to his wife hold that position, I'll be back in 30mins.... Surely, a more realistic and certainly cheaper solution for a quick finish is Viagra. With 'V' onboard, you just motor through the quick finish for for rounds 2 and 3..... or am I missing something? 

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  1. Cant see much demand for these pills as who the hell cares about how long you last .. as the old joke goes .. how do you make a women come??? Who cares!!!

    Also, if you are using with the wife she would probably want you to come 3 times faster!!!


    Ever-hard (without the tabs)