Friday, 5 April 2013

Pattaya Beach Road 'Under Construction' again

Beach Road at the north end of the beach is under construction, again......

I drove on to Beach Road from the Dolphin Roundabout and was surprised to find the Promenade from the Dusit Hotel, running south for a good number of sois, had disappeared. Not only that but most of the beach side lane of Beach Road is blocked of by bollards so traffic was congested into two lanes. Expect jams over the weekend.

As I drove south, I caught up with the team ripping up the existing Promenade and they were clearly working further south. A new walkway running the full length of Beach Road could be on the cards. Time will tell. 

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  1. The city is adding a 3rd lane for vehicles. The walkways will become narrower. Signs with information and photos of the project are posted along beach road.