Sunday, 7 April 2013

Update on Pattaya Beach Road 'Under Construction' Again

The promenade is being ripped up to make way for a 4th lane running the full length of Beach Road. 

Photos via Andy P.


Dan Rigby They should just make a baht bus lane(s), that would solve some problems as they hold up everything!

Thomas Moon Mullins Making it a baht/tour bus lane makes way to much sense

Vitali Kolos I know!!! It's going to turn into a long parking line for the scooter and Jeep rentals!

Pattaya Rag As somebody mentioned earlier, it's already difficult to cross the road so imagine what it will be like when it's a lane wider. Tourists will be risking life and limb to get to the beach. I guess they could put in more pedestrian crossings for people to ignore.......

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  1. You mean the pedestrian crossings that no longer work ..... well apart from the one outside City Hall !