Thursday, 18 April 2013

Will Thais Tittoo too?

Nipple tattooing, or ‘tittooing’ as it is nicknamed, is a process which originated as a medical procedure for breast reconstruction. Now, it serves as a cosmetic procedure for women to darken, enlarge and define their nipples and the surrounding areola. The semi-permanent treatment gives women 'perfect nipples' and can last a life-time with regular top-ups. (Rag - so it doesn't last a lifetime then.)

The two-hour procedure, which can cost up to £1,200 for both nipples, lasts around 12 to 18 months and top-ups are recommended to restore any colour lost as the ink fades over time.

Read the full article at The Telegraph.

Rag - Has the world gone totally mad? I sort of understood brow definition but vajazzling and tittooing are wasted on me. After all, how many guys do you know who stop to admire 'nipple definition'? It won't be long before men are asked to suck more gently so as not to remove the 'colour'. In that situation I think I'd be semi-permanent too.  FFS. 

And before anybody else thinks of it, I'm already marketing package holidays in UK for girls to get two weeks holiday in Thailand with a couple of hours thrown in at a back street tattooist for a bit of tittooing for the bargain price of £1,500/-  Price includes free inspections. 

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