Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Affordable Asia, Expensive Europe, according to Tripindex Cities 2013

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site, today unveiled TripIndex Cities 2013, the third annual cost comparison of an evening out and overnight stay for two people in popular cities around the world.

Surprisingly, in Europe where economies are struggling, many cities are classified as expensive and in Asia where economies are thriving, many cities are classified as affordable.  

Affordable Asia
Asia is featured heavily in the 10 most affordable international destinations, claiming four cities in total. Hanoi, Vietnam (#2), Bangkok, Thailand (#6), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (#7) and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (#10). With an average cost of $203.79, these Asian escapes offer substantial savings as compared to the TripIndex world average of $321.70.

Least Expensive:
DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Sofia, Bulgaria$96.29$4.78$40.44$16.91$158.42
2Hanoi, Vietnam$115.10$6.10$36.71$18.23$176.14
3Warsaw, Poland$103.30$13.92$53.15$17.08$187.45
4Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt$101.64$2.90$65.05$21.75$191.34
5Budapest, Hungary$103.89$11.10$49.98$28.47$193.44
6Bangkok, Thailand$109.27$3.13$69.75$19.00$201.15
7Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia$118.81$2.13$70.53$26.26$217.73
8Tunis, Tunisia$156.00$2.59$42.86$17.46$218.91
9Cape Town,
South Africa
10Riyadh, Saudi Arabia$167.38$6.10$46.66N/A$220.14

Expensive Europe
Europe is home to the most expensive international cities with six of the top 10 destinations: Oslo, Norway (#1), Zurich, Switzerland (#2), Stockholm, Sweden (#3),Paris, France (#5), London, England (#7) and Copenhagen, Denmark (#8). Travelers committed to traveling to Europe can find affordable escapes with Sofia, Bulgaria;Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary all within the top five least expensive international cities, coming in respectively at first, third, and fifth.

Most Expensive:
DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Oslo, Norway$229.99$28.97$276.72$45.40$581.08
2Zurich, Switzerland$298.77$38.94$151.02$34.68$523.41
3Stockholm, Sweden$243.23$27.18$209.50$41.77$521.68
4New York City, U.S.$379.24$22.90$81.50$32.33$515.97
5Paris, France$322.89$17.73$104.72$66.06$511.40
6Sydney, Australia$231.57$24.26$167.28$37.10$460.21
7London, U.K.$271.00$41.47$101.79$37.09$451.35
8Copenhagen, Denmark$219.35$38.47$148.46$37.30$443.58
9Cancun, Mexico$317.17$20.20$80.22$23.47$441.06
10Punta Cana,
Dominican Republic
The full TripIndex Cities world list is available at:

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