Sunday, 16 June 2013

No ASUS Service on Thai Eastern Seaboard

I've posted before about the there being no Asus Service Centre in Pattaya well the reality is, there's no Asus service centre on the Eastern Seaboard.

I phoned ASUS Bangkok for details of their nearest service centre to Pattaya and I was told it was in Tukcom Chonburi. I drove out to Chonburi and went to the Asus Centre. They didn't even look at my Transformer, they just took me across the isle to a 'Mr Fix-It' type shop. Mr Fix-It did at least look at my Transformer, from the outside, but could do little more given I'd forgotten the charger. He did say I could go to any 'Mr Fix it' in Tukcom Pattaya but they'd want Bt3,500/- to do the repair, in Chonburi, I could get the repair done for Bt2,000. Ridiculous thought I, how could they set a price without knowing the parts needed or labour involved. You can start laughing now.

I took my Asus Transformer in to a Pattaya Tukcom 'Mr Fix It' yesterday and he phoned me today to say it would cost Bt3,500/- to repair..... FFS, do I have mug tattooed on my forehead, (answers only from people who don't know me.)

At least I now know it can be repaired, I think, so I might just open up the sucker myself and have a prod around.......

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