Sunday, 2 June 2013

Walking Street Pattaya on Saturday night

Saturday, 1st June 2013

After catching the quality of the late night shift in Sensations a couple of weeks back I thought I'd try and get in a bit earlier this week to see the place fully staffed. I didn't exactly fall in with the doors as I watched the Lions v Barbarians first but I reckon it was before midnight so an improvement on my normal stagger from bar to bar around closing time. I should explain that I've modeled my pick up routine on Leeds United's transfer policy.... I pick up what's left over when everybody else has had who they want......

Anyway, I was earlier than usual, more sober than usual and I was fortunate to grab a ring side seat mid way between the two island stages. It was like watching tennis the way my head was swiveling to take in the lovelies on both stages. There were also plenty of bouncing orbs around to continue with the tennis analogy.

Now to the interesting bit. There are 8 girls on each stage and all 16 girls change after something like 5 songs. I was in Sensations for 5 rotations and I never saw the same girl twice. I reckon they must have in excess of 90 girls on the books and many of them are real lookers. With 16 girls on the stages at any one time there are around 80 girls mingling around the bar and I had to literally push my way through crowds of lovelies just to get to the loo. The toilet trip that just kept on giving.

This has to be one of the best collections of dancers in town just now and well worth a beer or two of your time. A bottle of Heineken costs Bt135/- You'll have to negotiate the other costs yourself........ many did......

* Senasations image courtesy of walkingstreetpattaya.


The fun bar of the night had to be Spankys. The girls are all armed with polystyrene tubes and they are not shy about using them on the customers. Tubes are provided for customers too and one guy decided to exact revenge by charging around the bar with a tube in each hand and battering any girls that came in to view, and that included the mamasan. It all kicked off then and a dog pack of girls set about the guy. Funny to see and everybody had a good laugh ...... even the girls. 

Stopped laughing when I got the bill - a bottle of Heineken Bt145/-...... That said, we'd had a good time, the girls were certainly up for it so no real complaints.  

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