Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

An unusual post for the Rag I know but I followed a tip I read online for improving my wi-fi signal strength and it actually worked - so I'm sharing.....

Enter the IP address for your router in your browser address window to go to the router log-in screen. Log-in with your password and select the following from the displayed menu - Network/Wireless Lan/Advanced Settings.

You should see something like the following on your screen:

The setting of interest is '802.11 mode'.

Tip: Many current routers support two networking standards: 802.11b and 802.11g. Turn off the 802.11b option — it's older, slower and will clog up your connection speeds. This should give you an extra bar, but probably won't reach the far corners of your home :Untip

My router was set to 'mixed' so I selected '802.11g only, applied the setting and logged out of the router.

As the tip suggested, I got an extra bar showing on the wi-fi signal strength on my notebook. Pleased with myself or what.

Disclaimer - I accept no responsibility if you screw up your router..... you shouldn't have been messing about with it in the first place......

To read the full article on improving your wi-fi signal strength go to Mashable.

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