Saturday, 22 June 2013

EU Ambassadors address Phuket scams

You know you have problems when 18 EU Ambassadors unite to request the following:
  • An efficient and fairly priced public transport system in Phuket which is available to foreign tourists and residents alike
  • An end to intimidatory and violent behavior by an element of tuk-tuk and taxi drivers
  • Strict enforcement of marine safety standards, including flags on beaches to indicate when it is safe to swim
  • Strict enforcement of standards of behavior for public officials, including police and immigration, to ensure that foreign visitors and residents feel protected, treated in a fair way and never at risk of extortion
  • An end to scams involving hiring of equipment such as jet skis or motorbikes
  • Strict enforcement of road safety regulations
  • Promotion of environmental issues, including monitoring of water quality.
Read the full article at Phuket Wan.

I've been reading elsewhere on the WWW that long time residents of Phuket are selling up and moving out. It seems like this jewel in the crown of the Thai tourist industry attracts nothing but bad publicity these days.

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