Saturday, 15 June 2013

English Premier League games to be broadcast in Thailand by satellite and cable

Kasem Inkaew, a member of CTH's executive committee, said that the company had rented transponders from VNA-Sat, the Vietnam-based satellite provider, to transmit its signal for 125 channels to subscribers in the Kingdom.

CTH will sell its own satellite-TV receivers, which include turquoise KU-band dishes, and set-top boxes. The receivers will be sold by more than 200 local cable operators in Thailand and will be in stock later this month.

Customers will have to pay Bt999 for a satellite-TV receiver, while cable-TV viewers who are not CTH subscribers, must pay a Bt1,800 deposit for a digital set-top box.

To watch the company's pay-TV channels, customers must subscribe to one of the following packages; Bt199 for 79 channels; Bt299 for 107 channels; Bt399 for 120 channels; and Bt899 for 120 channels plus high-definition channels and five EPL channels also in HD. If you click on the link to the CTH website they appear to be running a promotion of Bt599 per month for the first year if you sign up by 31 August but I'm not sure if that's for the package with EPL.

Rag - If I've read it correctly after my one time expense for satellite TV receiver(s), I will pay at most Bt899 per month for over 120 channels plus 5 EPL channels. Sounds a deal to me. Of course, I may need a digital set top box for each TV in the house and I'm assuming I only have to pay for the channels once and not for once for each TV..... CTH are scheduled to officially announce their service in the next few days so hopefully  things will be a lot clearer then.  

If you click on the hotlink to check out the 120 channels watch out for the hard to see right scrolling arrow at the right end of each channel category. Has to be clicked to view all channels in that category.

One final thought. Will Sophon add their own Pattaya channels to the channels offered by CTH or will they be an extra?

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