Friday, 14 June 2013

NSA Prism 'Big Brother' Spying Scandal

I wouldn't shut Prism down but I would put it to better use. Namely, :

  • Now we no longer have representative government I would use Prism to spy on all civil servants, lobbyists and politicians, both elected and Lords, to ensure that we have accountable and clean government. Make it difficult for them to sell their votes, take bribes and cheat on their expenses. Any found guilty of gaining personally from their position should go to jail and be stripped of all assets and title 
  • If one sector of the community is inciting rebellion then the Prism spies should be set loose on that sector of the community. NOT EVERYBODY IN BRITAIN
  • Edward Snowdon should be recruited to head up the new Prism team. I think I trust that man.....  

And before we put Prism to more responsible use let's use the data that's already been collected illegally to arrest all pedophiles, particularly those in positions of authority and power. Okay, I can't have it both ways - I can't complain about Big Brother and then try to benefit from it. It would be tempting though wouldn't it........

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