Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Singing in the rain Pattaya style

The Rags roving reporter was out balloon chasing again last week when he got caught up in a heavy rain storm. It dampened his harder ardor...... but the girls just kept on partying. I fully understand how it can be hard to stop partying when you have a Thai street band pumping out country music at 200 decibels..... I just can't stop either.......

Now if you want to see how to party in the rain with class take a walk down memory lane.....  For the un-initiated, it really get's going around the 2min mark but do yourself a favour and watch it all. It's not often you get this sort of five star entertainment for free......

I read somewhere this complete scene was shot in one take. Just amazing and if you are not smiling by the end stick a fork in yourself.... your done.  Also think it's Parky's favourite scene ever from the movies. Easy to see why. 

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