Thursday, 9 May 2013

3G in Thailand just got confusing

I was in Tukcom Pattaya today and thought I'd check out AIS's 3G packages.

The AIS staff were keen to push a Bt599 per month package which included 150mins of call time and 1GB of Internet data. It wasn't the cheapest and wasn't the most expensive package they had which meant the AIS staff had read me pretty well......

As the few people I know generally phone me and as I do most of my Interneting at home I decided to go for a Bt299 package which gives 150mins/month of call time and 500mb of data/month. The staff were at pains to point out that if I exceed the data limit, the charges would run up pretty quickly. Hence, their preference for the 1GB per month data package.

My preference was still for the Bt299/month package so I decided to hold off making a decision until I had a better feel for what 500mb of data represented in browsed pages.

Now for the confusion. To complete this post, I went online to AIS to get details of their other 3G packages as I know one or two Rag readers are a bit flush and might want to spend more than Bt299/- per month on 3G....

Online the Bt599/- per month package comes with 300mins call time and 1.5GB of data. In Tukcom, for the same price, I was offered 150mins call time and 1GB of data. Did I make a mistake. Well no, cause I have AIS Tukcom's hand written offer in front of me clearly showing the lower numbers.

It's possible in the fast moving telecom's world that AIS have changed their 3G packages and not had time to update their web site. It's possible but it was odd that the AIS counter in Tukcom had no printed brochures with package details and rates. They were handing out only hand written quotes.

My next move will be to check package details with the AIS shop in Central or with their Call Centre on 1175. If you are planning to move to AIS 3G just be aware of the the AIS online package details when dealing face to face with AIS staff.

Footnote -  If you don't have a work permit you will need to register for post paid 3G in a Thai name.

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