Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Renewing a 1 Year Non-immigrant Visa in Thailand

The paperwork required to renew a 1 year Non-immigrant Visa in Thailand is as follows:

- 1 x Application Form from Immigration for extending your stay in Thailand
- 1 x Letter from your bank confirming your A/C balance, (must be a recent letter and not fax)
- 1 x Passport Photo
- 1 x photocopy of all key pages of passport , (+ both sides of TM form)
- 1 x photocopy of last 3 months bank statements
- Fee of Bt1,900/-

- Sign all photocopied pages and write in your telephone number, (on face not rear) 
- Your bank account balance for last 3 months should exceed Bt800,000/-
- If you have a passbook savings account then you must photocopy the passbook pages showing the account balance for the 3 previous month ends.

The above paper work is for individuals who obtained their initial visa on the grounds of retirement. The paperwork required to renew a dependency/marriage non-immigrant visa is slightly different and will be covered in a later post. 

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