Tuesday, 21 May 2013

NBTC slams slow 3G speed in Thailand

A consumer protection panel of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is slamming mobile operators for failing to deliver their claimed service promises on third-generation broadband speed.

Under the licence requirement, operators are obliged to deliver 3G services at a minimum download speed of 345 kilobits per second and 153 Kbps for uploads.

Existing User Comments:
Tansri - I just upgraded my AIS package to 3G. It's not only slow and slower but it's 3G only 10% of the time. My son's AIS phone still on 2G is faster and smoother. I was taught in my MBA class when you launch a new product don't claim it until you're 110% ready. Interesting to hear response from True and DTAC

Franklin - just bought the new 3G (no 15% price cut) from AIS and it downloads at the same snail’s pace of 40 kb/s during the time that it works at all. Five months ago in Vientiane the hotel had 3G coming in at 380 kb/s and in Macau last month download speeds at 982 kb/s. Fastest I've ever seen in Asia. How can it be sold in Thailand when it doesn't work? Big rip off to the customers.

Read the full article at the Bangkok Post.

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