Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update on English Premier League Broadcasts in Thailand

CTH won EPL broadcasting rights for the three seasons starting this August, beating the existing rights holder TrueVisions.

It has reserved five channels for EPL content, Channel 1 for live matches and reruns, Channel 2 for coverage of international EPL activities, Channel 3 for EPL events in Thailand, Channel 4 for a variety of content such as player and fan profiles and Channel 5 for inside news.

Moreover, CTH has formed partnerships with three free channels, BEC World's channel 3, channel 7 and Modernine TV  to broadcast 17 EPL matches live each season.

Read the full article at the Bangkok Post.

Rag - What's not clear from the announcement that there will be only one channel for live games is will we be able to select (stream) the match we want to watch on that channel or will CTH broadcast only one live game on that channel?

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