Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Pattaya City Hospital now open

The new Pattaya City Hospital with multistory car park is now open on Soi Buakhaow.

The hospital has moved from the building next door, (on right of above picture) and you have to drive between the old and new buildings to access the car park - follow the white chevrons.

More like a hotel reception than an hospital, the new building is impressive and a considerable improvement over the old building.

Very handy if you miss the top step coming out the i-Rovers after a night on the juice..........

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  1. Hi all.
    It's my expirience at that "hospital"
    I had motorbike incident and my left hand bones was out of joints(not brocken)
    So, nearest hospital was City hospital.Time about 5 pm
    Reception - half sleeping 3! nurses look to me and said go to emergency room.No gides,no help.
    Emergency room - 8 nurses + 2 doctor (room was empty) look to me,smiling and start filling an papers.No first aid,no checking, nothing
    After 40 minutes awaiting an office girls came to me and ask about paid 5000 baht deposit.Note,I'm not touirist,already had medical insurance and etc.
    For simple question for that paid deposit if staff do nothing no answer.
    Staff try speak on English but you must be telepathist for undersdand this thaiglish.
    So I went to Memorial hospital,after 5 min X-ray done,bone back to place,additional x-ray,an medication for pain relief.Fast and effective.Price 1500 baht.

    So if you want to die - welcome to Pattaya City Hospital

    Sorry for my english(it's not native for me)