Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Glass House British Moralists Critical of Thailand's Sex Industry

The British media regularly run exposes on the sex industry here in Thailand and they clearly view what happens here with much distaste.

I find this mud throwing to be particularly embarrassing as Britain has much work to do to put it's own house in order before it can assume the moral high ground with countries like Thailand.

For instance, in the last 12 months in Britain, celebrities, clergy, teachers and people working in child care have all come to the attention of the police for sexually exploiting the young. As yet, politicians and the elite class have stayed clear of the police net but it is unrealistic to think that they are all totally innocent of this type of crime.      

Added to the threat posed to minors by people in positions of power and authority, we now have British Asian gangs grooming young girls in Britain for prostitution. There have been a number of gangs prosecuted so far and one more is in the system, a sadistic Oxford paedophile ring. The case makes depressing reading.

Involved were two sets of brothers, Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, and Mohammed Karrar, 38, and Bassam Karrar, 33, were convicted along with Kamar Jamil, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27.

Sitting here in Thailand it appears that there is little protection for disadvantaged kids and teens in Britain. What happened to the country I knew of proud and decent people? They would never have allowed this abuse of the weak and defenseless. Of course I'm talking about people who were prepared to fight for what they believed in and that included their country. Seems like we Brits traded our moral compass for fast money and power. 

Final soap box comment. British moralists are living in glass houses so they shouldn't throw stones. Oh, and they're wearing blinkers.......     

Note: I feel for the genuine professionals in teaching, clergy and child care. Sadly, a minority have attracted  the wrong kind of publicity to your professions. 

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