Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TrueVisions' Channel changes leave cloudy picture

On Friday, May 3rd, I received a letter in English and Thai from TrueVisions containing information about the channel changes taking place on April 19th....

Now it's hard to know if the late delivery of the letter was due to TrueVisions inefficiency or the back log of mail that probably built up at the Post Office over Songkran. That said, TrueVisions have no excuses as they knew it was Songkran and should have taken the necessary steps to get the letters out before the holiday shutdown.

For those of you that haven't seen TrueVisions letter, the opening para makes interesting reading.


To express our sincere appreciation for your support and continued trust, as well as to enhance your entertainment, especially for Premier League fans, which TrueVisions will broadcast until this coming May, TrueVisions would like to inform you that from April 19th onward, Truevisions is bringing these additional world class entertainment programs to you for free.....


No mention is made of channels dropped like Star World and it's quite possible that the Star World programs are available on a new channel but it's impossible to tell if that's the case from the letter or it's attachments.

Also, over the years, TrueVisions have lost broadcast rights for FA Cup games, Euro Champions Cup games, Spanish league games and now EPL games. All we know is TrueVision EPL broadcasts end in May. That's alright then........

EPL broadcasts could quite easily have been the jewel in TrueVisions crown. Brits, bars and Thais probably subscribed for this key service and without it TrueVisions looks far less attractive. After all, most of TrueVisions remaining channels can be streamed over the Internet, (so long as you are not using True Internet). Yes, some streaming services are subscription based but you can get a whole host of top class channels for what TrueVisions charge for a Gold package on two TVs.

Also let's not forget the local cable networks. What happens to TrueVisions if the cable networks add more international channels? Must be worrying times for TrueVisions.

I've scanned the new TrueVision channel listing and you can view a copy by clicking on the link. For those who haven't seen it, Channels 120 - 156 are home to many new or HD upgraded channels.

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