Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pattaya motorcyke taxi driver demands fare with menaces

After a night on Walking Street, a friend always picks up a motorcyke taxi at the end of JP Alley for the ride home.

It's only a short distance and for years it's cost him Bt40. Last Saturday, the young motocyke taxi driver who took him home wanted Bt60. My friend said it's always Bt40, handed over the money and walked across the road to buy some provisions in the local 7-11. When he came out the young taxi guy was waiting by his house and asked for another Bt20. When my friend refused the young guy put on a knuckle duster and demanded Bt20 with menaces. Being pissed up and the wrong side of middle-aged said friend paid the extra Bt20 and lived to fight another day.

When he told me I was thinking FFS, now you've got to watch the motorcyke taxi guys. He said the taxi guy was 19'ish so maybe he's new in town and just trying it on. That said, given the 'characters' in this town he'll be lucky to make 20 if he continues with his new pricing policy........

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