Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pattaya, a City of Last Resort

Maurice Jones book, Last Resort, is about a failed union demagogue and cash-strapped council boss Arnie Ratledge who sees a way back up the national political ladder by ‘exporting’ Burnley's financially draining care-home folk to specially converted, cut-price Thai resorts. It’s greeted as a revolutionary concept that could solve the entire demographic and economic nightmare the elderly pose in the West.

Rag - We now know how Andy ended up here........ and Pattaya puts life back in the old folk better than any little pill.......


Praise for Last Resort:

'Brilliantly original, laugh-out-loud funny, it's a must read.'
The Sun

‘With lashings of humour and great originality, Maurice Jones has got across one of the most challenging messages of our time: the old are not fodder for a throwaway society’s ever-expanding scrapheap, but people in a different phase of life whose capacity for fun is not dead; just dormant, waiting for the right spark.
RT Hon David Blunkett MP

‘After reading this, no more fear. We’ve all got the green light to grow old disgracefully, and when your time’s up, go with a huge smile on your face – like this book gave me.’
Jon Wise, The People

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