Thursday, 9 May 2013

In the market for tablets, notebooks in Pattaya. Proceed with caution.

If you are based in Pattaya and in the market for tablets, notebooks or the like, a word of caution.

I have an Asus Transformer tab and dropped the bloody thing so the screen has gone blank. Wattana, (in Tukcom and opposite Foodland), repaired it for me before so I went there again. Turns out they no longer represent Asus so they turned me away. Not surprised cause the only time I dealt with Wattana they were crap.

I had to phone Asus Bangkok to find out where I could get the Transformer serviced in Pattaya. The Asus lady told me to go to 1st Floor, Tukcom, to A.C. Media. I did so today and after 30mins of searching for A.C. I gave up. I re-phoned Asus Bangkok to check the details I'd been given and a guy told me, "not Tukcom Pattaya, Tukcom Chonburi". Arghhhhhhhh.

To the point of the post. If you buy Asus, there is no local service centre.

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