Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Baby Dolls, Hell Club & Boys Town

  • Legs Club has opened on Soi Pattayaland in the old Misty's premises and with the same owners. Early reviews are positive.

  • The Tattoo Bar on Soi 7 is now the Tiger Bar with coyotes

  • Shooters, Soi Diamond, 1st Anniversary Party, July 4th

  • Pattaya Marathon - July 20

  • Liquid Lounge opposite Club Blu on LK Metro opens today with free food. Rumours suggest it is not a coyote bar but a refurbished Stereo


  • Baby Dolls New Owners party on Saturday night drew a full house. There were queues for the free food and no spare seats in the bar by 9.30pm. The place was absolutely buzzing. The girls were as friendly as ever and my pal had the misfortune of latching on to a 19 year old who had formerly worked in Dream Teen Massage. A very, very dangerous combination... Youth and talent...


  • Beach Club, Soi 15, appears to be on the up and up. It seemed to lose a lot of it's girls and for a while and appeared to be running on short staff but Saturday night there was a good number of shapely girls on offer. There were also quite a few  Japanese and Korean males, (I think), in attendance so you know the girls have to be good to draw these guys.


  • Werewolf's Lair carried an interesting article Saturday on the cost of p4p in it's various guises. The article coincided with a first for me at the Hell Club in LK Metro on Friday night which sort of ties in with Werewolf's article. For those who don't know, and there can't be many, Hell Club is Pattaya's equivalent of the ever popular Eden Club in Bangkok. Vague details of what's on offer can be found here.  

Basically, I had a friend in town and he was looking for something special to start his weekend in Pattaya. We happened to wander past the Hell Club at about 11.30pm and I was surprised to see it still open. Not only that, the previous times I'd past by the girls outside were in the 'keep walking' class but on this occasion there were a couple of 'I've got to have a closer look at that' class that prompted me to go over for a chat. I'd hardly stumbled over my first badly spoken sentence of Thai when the boss, Jack, materialised out of nowhere like a genie out of a bottle. Now if you know Jack you will know it's not easy for him to creep up on anybody. Basically, he's a big bastard but he crept up on me. He get's me and visiting friend plus the three 'closer look' girls to enter the bar for his sales pitch. Now it gets interesting, (I hope).

Jack said it was too late for upstairs as the club closed at midnight but we could barfine one of his girls with toolbox for Bt3,000 with the following  guarantees:

  • the girl and toolbox would stay till at least 6.00am
  • the number of sessions were up to us
  • quality sessions were guaranteed, no starfish      

I leave friend with Jack and head off to the loo. I hear Jack shouting some instructions and when I come out of the loo there are approx. 20 girls lined up in front of friend and Jack with three on the back door side of the line. Some of the girls were not only in the 'closer look' class but even in the 'I'm having some of that' class. My friend selected an absolute honey, coughed up his money while she jammed all sorts of goodies in her toolbox and then they exited stage left. I followed them out the exit as the yellow line on the floor had by this time extended up my back.  

How did my friend get on. He said when they got back to his room she gave him a very thorough wash down in the shower and when he came out of the bathroom she was just buckling up a strap-on. He claims that he told her they wouldn't be needing it but he was smiling as he said it so I'm not so sure. He admitted some of the tools came in to play, she swallowed a couple of litres and he managed four goals by the time she departed the following lunch time.

Now this got me to thinking about how Hell Club's rates stack up against

those in the go-go's where you can pay in excess of Bt2,000 and not be sure of what you are getting or for how long. With the Hell Club, Jack guarantees a minimum period and a satisfying experience so it seems to me it's better the devil you know......

Now to give the Hell Club it's final seal of approval, my friend went back the following night for the same girl, same deal. You need to know my friend's a Scot who spends his money wisely. He considers the money he invested in Hell Club to be money very well spent.

Footnote: I forgot to ask how much a second girl would cost for take away. Next time!!!!!!



  • Pizza Big - I'd read a couple of good reviews on the forums for Pizza Big on the Naklua Road, (not far from the Dusit/Dolphin Roundabout), so being partial to a decent pizza, I thought I'd check it out. I went there with the full intention of ordering pizza, in fact I thought that's all they did, but when I got there I found they had a full Italian menu. Not only that, they had my favourite Italian starter, Bruschetta al Pomodoro  (garlic bread with fresh tomato, olive oil and oregano) and pasta main course, Spaghetti Alla Matriciana. Cancel the pizza, I'm in for my two favourite dishes. The starter was perfect, just the way I like it and when the spaghetti came it looked fairly ordinary but tasted delicious. So if you are not too concerned about presentation or decor and like good Italian food then Pizza Big is for you. I will go back again for both my favourites and the pizza.


  • Several major airlines including Thai Airways International are cutting long-haul flights into Thailand next year in line with a forecast 12-per-cent drop in the number of inbound tourists, said the Association of Thai Travel Agents. ATTA president Apichart Sankary said that although the Tourism Authority of Thailand targets 17 million visitors next year, only 15 million may arrive. Starting from today, THAI will suspend its New York-Bangkok service. The company has also reduced flight frequencies, re-routed flights with particular impact on its US operations and introduced other cost-cutting measures. "Other airlines such as Lufthansa are also considering reducing long-haul flights between Thailand and Europe," said Apichart. [via The Nation]



  • Year-on-year inflation rose to 8.9 per cent in June, ramped up by rising fuel and food prices, the Thai Commerce Ministry said Tuesday. [via Bangkok Post]


  • Clinton's Last Stand


  • Peppermint hostess for a bright end


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